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I did not write a four-stroke Tau when I went back. East and did the four-stroke nationals. Okay all right. I'm trying to remember if if I don't remember Jason McCormack writing a four-stroke ever. I must have missed that point three. Did you write a four-stroke? Yes okay all right. I forgot that time ever on a four-stroke dude was two thousand two during the Easter four-stroke nationals. I called up chuck who I wrote for and playing a Honda. And he gave me two to four fifties and I did forsook nationals in came shy of the championship by like I think. Eight or eight or ten points. Okay all right. Paul Paul Carpenter won the Carbondale. Well Kelly that was right after Kelly Smith and Steve. Math is dominated that series for a couple of years. Mccormick I'll have you know but I know with Kelly because he kicked ass. Yeah he was good at that stuff. Those little rights. He was good at them. Yeah yeah now did he did. He was he on. Ktar for those two years. I was for him after Red Dog and Ninety Nine. I went to Ktar a couple of years so good times. What what year. While when do you stop race? And when did you start? Your rights in result is two thousand and three. But do you keep racing locally after that now. I can brace aloke Western four-stroke national okay. In all three and four we did not go back east and do the Easter stuff again. Ok Yeah so just kind of stuck around a little bit here and there or whatever yeah the west coast supercross and just elected maybe outdoors at that point and that was to be honest. I I was kind of on the downhill portion mentally and physically like knowing it was going to be done pretty soon. So you know we just did the way you all the Western nationals. Had A good time I did my own program with C. H. Carmichael Honda. Down IN SACRAMENTO. Okay Yeah Yeah Wow indefinitely see personally and all that. You're probably still making pretty good money able to do that. Yeah Yeah Yeah. I mean it's Oscar system. Either you know on the podium or win in which you know you're winning. You're winning a couple of grand weekend. Yeah for sure Oh. And then plus plus I had sponsors pay you know pay me quarterly for support. What's kept the rig going and then I supported in all three had Oh Gosh Dang Mike Quarter. Oh my yeah my quarter row. We were buddies anyway so he rode with me and for me and my daughter had baggy gear at one time. My quarter raise baggy gear. I believe he did yes. He knows a great time dude. I had a place I had a place out in Calama with a bitch and track on him and I would ride all the time then we would travel. We did all our bike work there and we travel go kick ass. He was kicking ass like that was a fun time. That's what brought back some fun right. You know there was no there was no stress of like. I have to do good to write. Good for Bobby Moore gotTa ride good for Honda? There was no pressure right That's cool now's a great time. Yeah did you ever go Rod Port Angeles track? I have yes. Yeah I used to ride their birdwell. Because he's buddies up there so we would go port Angeles Mountain View. We were at mountain view a lot. He from a story right so we watched UGO locally a couple times. Good Times up there. It's such a strong motocross community. Pacific Northwest Man. They love it they love like when I go to Seattle now for the for the supercross like a lot of people. Listen to Papa Mexico and stuff and do this so many hardcore Modo Fan Pacific Northwest Cooler is. Yeah let's you know what's so good about it now. We're getting a lot of guys that have come out of here and been very successful and it's continuing to do that out of our area which is awesome. You look at the hill brother as you look at Rv. Of course you know. Yeah so many guys absolutely there is you know we got Carson Brown coming up and you kill him as he is. He's doing great did you. Did you have any run? Ins With a young Ryan Velo like did you member seen them and being like yeah. This kid's the do you remember that or Josh Hill Earnings O. Rien when I did my first year doing my Suzuki deal. You know one. I happened to be down at Elsinore in training day and he was out is team green ride with and he was on a super mini. And I happen to town of Park not too far away from that Ryan Road over and we were talking and he asked when I was going to go out and do a moto. Say I'll probably you know like we all maybe ten fifteen minutes you want your motor on and he said yeah one right. We staggered each other down. I was on my four fifty or no no. No no I was on my tooth fifty two trucks so we did EMOJI and that little son of a bitch the pace with me the whole time. Jesus Christ I started actually panicking because I couldn't all the way from him. Oh my God many you like. Maybe it's time to retire. Well you know when you've been around it now that for a while you know in your mind dude. He's GonNa make it do something you know. He's got it and it was just so cool even when he was sixty back. Then when I do a lot of Clark County fairgrounds at the time I assume lessons classes and I did one class with him. Longtime ago when he was on sixties and that was a long time. I think this you know before. He got super fast. We just did one session. It was really cool. It's awesome yeah you know and that was it. That was just that one time a long time ago and you never. I never even thought of like Ryan ever doing what he has done. Yeah Crazy Right. I know it is. It's just crazy how you know. Yeah you know him and his mom they then went. Down the motorhome. They did their thing and he got in with the right people. And you know you kicked ass. He did what he needed did what they needed to do to do it right. Yeah it's really cool to see such an area such so many strong great writers come from that from an area in the United States where it's hard to ride all year long. It's not a you know a Lotta rain and stuff. So yeah and then when I ran into Ryan so I ran into last year. Whatever you know. It's something that you you going to bring can remember when we did this this this but you don't WanNa be like guys reminisce. Like he probably doesn't even remember you know what I really. I don't think he might not might not. Who knows. He's he's a good buddy of mine so but but God. He's sometimes hilarious that way. It is awesome. Larry Ward said he called them one time and he was like is Jeff Ward and Larry just hung up autumn. How do you do you remember? Larry Yeah Oh yeah. I saw a picture of him. Wasn't he down Anaheim one now? He was in Dallas Dallas Dallas. He looks to say big bird. It looks exactly so yeah. I was picturing him to be more wrinkled. Throughout time. Like we a crapload await. I was like ricky fat before Ricky got speedy lost weight. Good for him. He looks a lot but no I still have. All my fat salary was a bad ass. He moved out early. But yeah another Pacific northwest bad ass lance lance great rider lance was a better writer than people probably give him credit for. You know so. He's still my idle duty. I mean that guy I still look up to him no matter what even back when we. I wasn't even still riding intermediates and stuff and we hung out with him back in the pack West Days Just to have that chance when I turn prone and finally it's like Oh my God peatland smell. Yeah for sure right now dude. There's a lot of stories about lance being ultrafast like in practice or practice during the week or whatever like he never quite got a full factory shot right but but he was fast certainly good. Yeah Oh good times well. Hey Jason thanks for doing this to fly racing racer x podcast presented by maxis and rental. I'm glad you're doing well and doing suspension and helping riders now career man really great results throughout so thank you. I do appreciate Stephen. I want to give a couple of absolutely I want you to the Huffman's You know really a lot of it. Wouldn't have happened because often caroline and also also Ryan you know Ryan. I got back together again after a lot of years. And you know we're back together here at the track. Yeah it's nice to have a friendship back and now we're supporting Tommy Week. And you know the rise Amex things get bad between you and him at some point you and it was that time where you know. I was gone. My wife and I got married. We have two kids and so it was that it was that. Time of of disconnect. Let so now we're connected. We're back here. We we reconnected back. You know since I moved back and it's just nice to have again. You know what I mean. Some of those friendships back that. We did not half for quite a while. Nothing was bad by reconnecting. Yeah reconnecting and so you know you know Ryan is supporting you know. Tommy Tommy weekend. His Ex program We're we're really trying to help him. Get that going big. And you know my wife. Carrie for Gosh. Dang putting up with my ass. She's the glue man. I'm telling you like she. She's amazing and my two kids my son. Eli and my daughter Eva. Just it's just awesome being a dad there signs where it's Ross and I'm an asshole but that's a bad thing but you know just all my writers you know a lot of my writers. There's too many to count As long as they know that I appreciate him and the dads that everyone I support and sponsor and even current customers. I appreciate everybody. That's awesome now for sure. It's cool you're giving back to. I mean like you said so. Many people helped you out over the years and and I know from being around then like yeah people would would give you money to help you get the racism and all of that and now you're giving back it's it's cool. You helping people out with suspension and your knowledge and yeah. It's really neat. Motocross is done. You will for sure over the years. It has yeah. I'm still in it. You know even though I tried to get out of it but you have before you go. Do you have a favorite? I mean look. Obviously you won the Moto in in ninety nine but you have a favorite washable. Is it that one? Is that one year won. You won the Moto or was there another one you know. It's really honestly gotta be that that day because my grandma was there. My GRANDPA was there no longer. Don't have my granny he'd just recently passed. All my aunt was there. It's the hug. It's the picture of the hugs. It's it's the whole weekend. You know what I mean so nothing can really top that on a scale. No well my favorite McCormick. Rice is high point ninety. Six fourteen fourteen with me spending the wrenches. Yeah you know. I gotta be honesty. I forgot about that. Tell You I'm sure you did. It was just one rake in where some random Canadian held a pit board for. You know but now it's funny. Because if you talk to Ryan Ryan remembers every all my remember the smallest little detail about something. I'm like do serious having Alzheimer's Shit. That's funny yeah. Some guys are like that. I know whenever Keith Johnson from New Mexico New England I mean those guys they wanna remember anything they just say you gotta ask Treadwell because my treadmill remembers everything that they did. So it's one of those guys. Yeah so I mean. I don't remember anything well. Hey thanks thanks for the time. Jason appreciate it. Good luck going. Forward mentioned business and again good stories. And congratulations and everything thank you. I do appreciate a Steve. Thank you good night. Thanks thanks for listening to the lied racing. Steve Ba'athist show.

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