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Accumulates station news now. W E Mail news at 11. Good morning, everyone I'm John Mathews. January's Jobs report saw the unemployment rate dropped 4/10 of a percent to 6.3%. But about half of that was due to people who simply gave up looking for work. President Biden says the news is troubling your job. Only 6000 private sector jobs have been created on at that rate is gonna take 10 years to get the old one. That's not hyperbole. That's a fact. The unemployment report shows Hospitality remains the hardest hit sector of the economy. Frederick County is doing its part to try and keep its hotels in business by providing financial support the hospitality and lodging print, which will provide support to eligible hotels and beds and breakfasts, and Frederick County who are struck Going as a result of Cove in 19 County executive Jang Gardener also showing some love to restaurants alone, allowing closing times to move from 10 p.m. to midnight. The last call for alcohol will remain at 10 o'clock, the county's covert positivity rate remains above the state average. And now there is concern about covert 19 variants being spread around. There are at least 618 cases of people in the U. S infected with the Corona virus variants found in Europe, South America and South Africa. Those cases are found across 33 states, according to the CDC. The majority are the strain found in the U. K and a good amount of them are in California and Florida. Well, there's always concerns about viral mutations. Experts are saying these strains don't seem to cause any worse of a sickness, then the strains affecting much of the planet all last year. Evan Brown Fox News, Alexandria City Schools became the latest in Northern Virginia to say it's time to return kids to classrooms. But Arlington's holding out Alexandria Superintendent Gregory Hutchings, it has been almost a year since we had closed our doors to our school buildings, heads will begin going back to classrooms two days a week, starting Seventh. They'll all be back by March. 16th not the case in Arlington Superintendent Francisco Diran. I'm certainly aware of the announcements of other divisions in Northern Virginia and others that are moving forward, but we're going to take the time to do it. This is asked to do our own self assessment, he says. We'll give a timeline for kids to return to school buildings that a meeting February 18th, Heather Curtis Sandoval, you Emma Allen. W e mail dot com Good. Montgomery County Removed police officers from its high school's teenagers weighed in in a public hearing last Right. There is absolutely no data to support that police fash school shootings, but they.

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