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And you'll see the link on the right hand side For training it is simply click on it and fill out the form. Send it in and we will Posted up on the website will create a holistic training ideas. It could be anything it could be something that base. It could be something that's advanced. It could be a little spin on something that you guys do as a as is it in an individual company But please share it because we all need to learn from each other we all need to get ideas and bounce ideas off each other so again go onto our website brotherhood the Hood Academy Radio Dot Com Click on the training ideas and to submit them and Fill the form and we'll take care of the rest next on the announcement list is Do you guys remember when we had rusty ricker from the New England. Fools on the show Few months back Well they are added again they. They have come up with the date for this year's twenty twenty northeastern fire summit which is done in Wells Maine gene which is just two towns north of where we are here in York And we'll be there. We will be there with a table and our mics WCHS and our mixer and our computer and our headsets and some chairs and we will be conducting interviews and discussions with people that are there and we already we have our first guest lined up for that weekend but let's get into the details on the weekend. It's going to be Friday through Sunday. March march. Sixth through eighth okay. And it's a village by the sea in Wells Maine which is a hotel and have a little function center there Right on route one. If you guys have never been to the main. This is a good opportunity to come to main to get some really really good content. Some really really good value and to meet some really cool people in the fire service so if you are a fool's member it'll cost one hundred and forty dollars. Okay have you are a non fools members. You don't belong to a fool's organization it's one hundred and fifty five dollars. Well worth the money. Okay and you don't have to be a fool's member to come to this event it is hosted by the fools the New England fools. But you don't have to be member hundred fifty five bucks. It's not not that much money if you consider what you're getting out of it. Plus there's going to be some refreshments there and there's a bar okay and they'll be lunch and dinner included on Saturday so this goes through Friday from Friday evening to Sunday through Sunday. And here's a list of who will. We'll be speaking that weekend on Friday night. The presentation will be four fifty one F link the Anti Motivational Divisional speech and this is by firefighter. Paramedic Brooke aims. She's out of Wisconsin. I actually just spoke with her on instagram today. And we have arranged to have her be one of our guests to speak on our mikes that weekend. So she's motivated personal development stuff new due to the fire service. She's come from the corporate world and I'm excited to hear what she has to say. Because I think it drives a lot with what we talk about on this podcast. So she'll be the presenting Friday night. It's her debut she says I'm excited about it. The doors open at eight thousand nine hundred hours on that Friday and then the rest so the weekend. You're going to have a firefighter. Chris loss of the Saint Lucie County Florida Fire Department. His presentation is leading leading from the backseat. Have Firefighter Maglione of the F. D. N. Y.. Saving seconds is what he calls his presentation. You'RE GONNA have chief Brian Moriarty of the Lawrence Masks Fire Department. He's going to talk about the Merrimack valley gas crisis That happened a year a little over a year ago. if you haven't heard about that look that up Have some close friends that were working that event and actually Paul was there as well with his paid department. Working that that emergency the situation there so I've heard chief Moriarty talk about it. I've seen his presentation. And it's a pretty impressive one and I can't wait to see it again And then you're GonNa have firefighter. Dan All the of the Providence Rhode Island Fire Department May Day on Bowdoin Street. So we'll hear that Saturday evening following the presentations those dinner battalion. Chief retired Dan Digress. I think I'm pronouncing that right of the Chicago. Google fight apartment straight talk on firefighter behavioral health behavioral health. So that's GonNa be a really good topic as well and Sunday's program will be a Half Day presentation with Lieutenant Ray McCormick of the F. D. N. Y.. Engine operations in the modern fire environment that starts eight. Am Sunday so seriously guys. Go check it out it on on the Fools view join up on the fools New England fools I should say New England fools their facebook page. You'll see the details on it. Also posted the Flyer on our facebook page on our instagram. Go read up on it and really take this opportunity of your local to New England. It's definitely worth the drive. If you're not local to New England it's definitely only worth the flight for the for the entire weekend so they did it. Last year we attended last year. The guys from national fire radio were there. They did their own. Little thing. little presentation but definitely worth it so new England fools northeastern fire. Summer Twenty twenty wells main village by the sea Friday through Sunday March. Sixth through eighth. Check it out. We'll be there. We'll have a table set up with the Mike. How's that for announcements hope? I didn't bore you. Of course they didn't boy. That stuff's awesome good good stuff now last episode I created a mentor ship. Challenge I give you guys a mentorship challenge inch I posted it up on the facebook page. All right the challenge was and still is listing. Three people that were mentors mentors for you. Three of your mentors okay. They could be somebody. That's no longer with us in this world. That could be someone that's sitting right next to you right now. It could be a mentor. That meant told you years ago and major the person you are now or it could be a mentor. That's mentoring you right now. A lot of mentoring here. I say that we're at a lot. podcast it's going to happen. Someone that's mentoring you now to be the person you want to be in the future okay. List those three people in the post in the comments section of the posted. I put up on the FACEBOOK page Brotherhood Academy Radio Facebook as book page lists those three people next to their names. Write down what they did to mentor you to make you who you are now or who you want to be in the future okay. And then the next part that is to send these people individual messages whether it's on a text or if it's on a messenger on the internet or if it's an email a phone call call or in-person somehow some way send them a message to let them know how much you appreciate them mentoring you in what they did to make a difference in your life all right. It's a real easy challenge. Eligible also gets you out of your comfort zone a little bit and courage guys as participate in this. I did mine okay. And I'm hoping to get some more people on their to do do. There's IT's important for us to get out of our comfort zone. Okay and if we don't get out of our comfort zone we can't grow the only way we will be able to grow anywhere in our life is to get out of that okay. I am really really bad at approaching people really bad about Taking compliments for myself off but also Opening Up to other people and explaining to them how they Changed my life or did good things from him. I have a hard time with that. It's uncomfortable for me but what I did it. Okay and it feels good. It really feels good to step out of that comfort zone so please guys go do that all right so i WanNa talk about mentorship and this is part one I should now. I guess the Wednesday box alarm I just did was maybe part one but I think that was a little bit of an introduction but part one of the mentorship program or series that we're doing on the Brotherhood Academy radio. PODCAST is happening right now. Okay let's talk about some mentorship ship stuff. Let's talk about the basics of it all right so what does mentor. Ship mean. Well it's when a person who possesses more skill experience experience or knowledge of a particular topic and creates a developmental relationship with one who desires to learn that particular topic. All right so what I'm saying there is if you're good at something if you have a skill or talent right you're on the fire department and you have something that you've been doing for a long time for example pump operator or a driver. Okay or you've been a a an officer for quite a while Or you you happen to be really really strong with ems and it's something that you're passionate about. You have that potential to be a mentor for the person coming in who wants to learn. Oh not as well who needs some assistance with that. That's what a mentor is. And that's what mentorship is okay. Now I wrote down my list of mentors on that facebook post okay. I'll name them. Okay I'll tell you them right now. All right One of them is. Peter Humphry okay. He's he's a He's our assistant. Fire chief here and when I joined the Fire Department in two thousand and one he was a lieutenant with us okay and he has a a ton of experience now but he was very aggressive right. He was very he was always the first one to do things he was assertive. He stick up for his guys and I followed him and he meant toward me and he taught me the basics ins and outs of Leadership Okay and firefighting and tactics all right a lot of the big fires that we had when I first joined because we had a lot of them of course they've dried up now just like almost everywhere else else in this country but he was always my officer he was always the one there was always following him. So he's one of my mentors he always will. It'll be he will continue to be. He's now the assistant chief and he's still mentors me. We still bounce ideas off of each other. And he's still straightens me up sometimes when I have a bad the idea about something you know. So yes so Peter Humphrey I one on my list. The next one okay is a guy named Zak ABC Gar. We grew up together. He He'd happens to be Paul's cousin. He's lieutenant with me on the Fire Department here but hey is one hundred percent topnotch coach in ems. He's a paramedic. He's got a degree in fire science degree in Para Medicine. He worked on an ambulance part time. He's a lieutenant on a career department uh-huh and did a lot of ems there. He just knows his stuff. He's an instructor he teaches. EMS stuff he. He makes sure that he makes sure that we keep up with our our our C. H. is with our ems licenses. You make sure that we that we stay on top of that. Each month. He has a classy comes out with. It's a it's a teach yourself herself type of thing where he gives you a topic. He was your website to go to you. Watch a sideshow. You take a quiz you submitted. Every month he does that force on his own on his own time. Sometimes he'll host a class last. Were people from all around the area. Police officers firefighters. EMT's paramedics they all come in. They sit in his class just so he can make sure that we are getting. Our education continued education to keep up our licenses. Okay anytime I have a question about. EMS anytime a week with it because it's a big huge weakness of mine with the Fire Department is ems. I'm not afraid to admit that I'm not a huge fan of ems but it's part of the job but he's always there to help me with that mentorship okay. He's always there to bring it up. He's always is there to boost my confidence with it right. That was my number two and this is in no particular order and I don't want you guys to do any particular order when you go onto the facebook page enlist your three people all right. The next one was a guy named Keith. Knows where the he is. A CO worker of mine who who we became very very good friends When I got hired as a dispatcher in two thousand and eight he was my trainer?.

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