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You know in a mile. I can something i can have something else that i'm looking forward to. And then before you know it you start to see the coastline and you think wow about schley actually made it that some of the views and some of the scenery is just amazing. Oh incredible absolutely. You have everything because you've got you've got the to coast and then in between you've got beautiful forest that you run free open hillside. Lots of Open expanse where the runner tracts. There's no people with just hills you can see and it's it's really incredible the views if you take time to look up an. I think i'm probably guilty of not doing that. Because when you're in a whole world of pain you're just so focused on trying to get the next mile out to is running at night really difficult actually because your body wants to sleep your body what he has decided it's nighttime because as and so you should be beds and you're running with a head torch on which can make things more difficult of certainly in the second night was probably my lowest point and i was really struggling to open my eyes. And it was the oddest sensation. Physic- couldn't open them. So i'd close my eyes. Blink can and then my body would like go to sleep now no trying to open rise and so i was swaying law and i think that was because also the head torch because it's it's a beamed focused on one specific place rather than being able to see all around you and so it can what me. It made me feel quite dizzy and i. so it's quite an odds yup. It's quite an experience when you what time of day was it when you started and then will tighten. Was it when you finished. So i started at five. Am on thursday. And i finished just off the half seven pm. On saturday. I get this. It's a such a a long time. Was it what was the weather like So it was snowing. The for the first night there was there was snow and it was very very cold. On the second night made a cold but overall It be lucky with the weather because the heat of previous couple of weeks had passed. But we haven't hit that awful spell. We had lost week so it was not particularly windy and all mainly dry. There was yet. There was a bit of snow high up but it was bossa besta. I kind of feel this event should maybe be just a few weeks later. You know when when traditionally in scotland may june time things pick up and get warmer yet so i tried to. I remember may being nice time in scotland. Which is why i wanted initially to go for me. And then my husband works shifts and so it wasn't gonna work with hayden his his time off and the shifts he needed to work. Which is why had to bring it forward a bit but i was so lucky i was so so lucky with the whether it could have been a lot worse yet so then can you told me about the sleep because i know you said that when you run at night. Your hobo body wants to sleep. I imagine it's pretty special. Must be it must feel like you're the only person i their new You can hear every so can you really can. It's it's a lovely feeling actually running in the evening it's just a totally different type of running when it's pitch black and the only light you've got his coming from your head torch and every noise you could hear you can hear all the bustling all the animals and it's it is quite eerie. But it's lovely absolutely lovely. I slept in eleven. minute burst. so that's that's really disciplined because surely there must have been occasions where you're like. It's just really nice. i'm just going to. Can we say half an error medium. Eleven minutes. Yeah so much because you're so. I think you get very cold with fatigue as well so every time i was shoved out the van after eleven minutes i was freezing and i was shaking with with the cold at it. Didn't matter if it was you know the sun was beating down on me. i think that is the fatigue. And you've been in this warm sleeping bag. And i even had water bottle my here my support van crew were justa immigrants and so guessing out and an keeping going was hard but i think about taking any longer. It would be more difficult and i actually ended up sleeping. I didn't think i would sleep for such a short time. But i would fall asleep absolutely out for the out within seconds but just for eleven minutes just for every minute so i'm not sure how much science there is enough but My to whenever when when they were younger they seem to sleep in forty five minute bursts and every forty five minutes The screaming would still have to go in. and try. And seth were down. So i i i took from that that we have forty five minute sleep cycles and so i divided the forty five minutes. Which is how. I got to eleven. Okay very good. I see so. That's it that was all part of the plan in the first place. Can i ask when you're doing all the running. Are you on your ruin or someone with you. I'm mostly on my own. It's surprising how few people want to go. Tim trading strange So sometimes i would run with someone for a safe twenty miles also especially in lockdown. That was almost impossible because to do say twenty mile section. They would need to get some. How get to the middle of galashiels. That wouldn't have worked for the restrictions that were in place but I've always enjoyed running by myself. So i find the solitaire quite comforting. I find it's time that i have just been me and i've always said that any problem can be cured with a four hour. Run by the time you've thought about it a million times. You've you've come up with the solution weather time you've come home. You must be super by the end of your run. Then sixty.

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