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Like that. Which tells me now? In retrospect that the entities actually attached to the home and not to the family. It is hard for me to explain. Exactly how flat and two-dimensional these entities looked. But the we'd sing to me. was that the limbs. I moved normally as humans word so that was my experience. The shadow people into the state. I've never if I had another Stories of shadowy beans have been found around for centuries in Spain over most coaches and often they are a focal favorite them mentioned in the Koran S. pitch-black sapient beans. Then I'm entirely spiritual officle mention of them also dates back to eerily six hundred BC ancient Egyptians believed in shadow people in court in the Colbert. They also believed shadow. People came and went on behalf of the spirit world and sometimes they had good intent. Sometimes malevolent the agent Romans believe that these people came from the underworld Greeks whichever people literal sheriff of themselves which they had given to the God Zeus as a gift. And all these coaches are had a common belief that they showed people were both part of the ruled food and the paranormal one in two thousand and won the undisputed King of late night paranoid talk shows the late great at bell on his show. Coast to coast. Am I brought the subject up one night when he mentioned that he had received some emails from people who'd been experiencing these entities diesel beings and he asked his listeners had seen similar and if so could they call an all perhaps fake stories of what is being looked like. Well you know the old saying be careful what you wish for was absolutely inundated with fine coors faxes and letters in response response in April that year he brought on a gift a native American elder by the name of fun to strikes to discuss the subject from a native American speak of during the show he asked people to send enjoins of their experiences. The response again was overwhelming and crashed his website jumping on outspent wag in October that year. Also Highly Hanis published a book who fist on the subject to shed a people. She made a feeble attempt in in my mind to claim that she and her researching the book had discovered this phenomenon and that she had come up with a tomb shadow people this despite the fact that art hid used on his shirt in the beginning of the year so that is hotly disputed by some Interviewed who on his show in two thousand and two and she became a regular guest after that. What cannot be disputed however is that she did coined the term Hetman for the shadow people who are seen in heads the Tomb Hetman has sort of stuck around since then but she goes a little food states that shadow people I connected with aliens and Hero News sprayed sprayed evil and absolutely all of them have negative intentions? So that is how should I mean came into our mainstream attention and became part of the subjects of many TV shows. Movies books and radio shows they have been integrated into most vow media since then also thanks to APO. Oh this is fix hitmen experience. I think also one of these when I was a little kid account. Remember much about it. I'm forty three now. I was embiid end. I think asleep dreaming fist but I remember a man was standing in front of me with a black coat and a hit with a bremmer rendered. And don't think he hit any face. Everything was just black but whatever it was terrified me. I woke up crying and win. I looked on the corner of my room. Even though it was doc I could see something Blake in the corner. I remember I yelled for my dad. And he came into rely on N.. Nothing was there. I never saw it again. Also anything offer until I hit some ANA radio show named coast to coast describe obscene. A man with a head on something about him was extremely scary even though I never forgot that dream who whatever it was from what I cur mean. But he wasn't on his told us. Man I was maybe about Success old the Many theories about show people and they come from. Let's go over them briefly. So one theory is that they are goes was spirits. birt's which are really the same thing just different names that they are stuck your new for some reason and Amelie a shadow of the foam self some few aliens particularly the Hetman and that the head is used to cover the shape of the head with a resume ellen. Golly appears to also his thing an alien connection Shen quote I discovered that many should have people experiences also. Et experiences especially abductees end quote. Golly told road psychology today in an interview. The GYM is said to be connected to the shadow people but These older same thing and just people experiencing experiencing them in different ways or are they separate entities. Another theory is that shadow. People are normal humans who have Ester traveled or projected in this league which everybody does but not everybody recall was it. We'll discuss extra travel and Aleida podcast. Some some say that shadow people are into mental beans from a parallel or another dimension. alwa- some pain who is simply traveling between dimensions. Gus Reform a former vintage dimensional beam but from a different realm. This is the theory that I'm not into favor. Some people see sheriff. People as Guardians have been sent to petite it all to warn us of impending danger or something bad about to happen then others see them from a more traditional perspective and budge dishes. I mean religious perspective and see them as Doc and evil beings who take the full of shadows and light to give the labels like demons this the suspect of could come from two areas one through religious indoctrination of whatever persuasion or this could possibly come from the feeling of feed read and panic some feel when encountering these beings of all the shadow beans the Hetman is seen in this letter category as being particularly we dock and evil some of the shadow people especially the Hetman has been described as giving off a feeling of relive lands and create an Edsel via and most who sees them. Although actually many people can feel fish simply because of the shop surprise and possibly confusion appears infused fused when viewing any paranormal or unexplained experience and not merely from the shadow pissing themselves the most common characteristics of shadow people sought in our feelings feelings of impending doom depression or intense fear. That seemed to radiate from the bean itself although the always some examples that contradict the rue. Do some say they in fact have had positive experiences with this is calm story when one he is about shadow people they simply jump to the conclusion from what I've heard that they are evil. They say not to welcome them but Levino I say they deserve a chance and they all ocean because evil because not all. I'm seventeen and have one in my living room. He eliminates my depression. or sadness of been told it could would be someone might did who sinned or has a message for me. I've been called crazy and veges but I don't need people to believe what I see and feel from. I shudder man I feel his energy and everything and nothing bad has happened to me. Merrick's experience whenever I I am bedridden from terrible. Migraines my son says there is a showman standing at the foot of my bed or by the window we have lived in many countries and he always comes uh-huh when my migraines are extremely bed or I am sick when my son was little the shadow man would make faces at him to make him love and would also tell come to become when he was being naughty now he just stands God of never seen him but my son who is now a teenager does he doesn't play with how many more but he does not have as if to say it will all be our K- we have tried things like asking him to leave but he just smiles shakes his head and waits nights until I'm feeling bitter before disappearing is relative worn angel. He certainly is looking out for missing. Theory kind.

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