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I cannot be the quickly to villiger questions that the court may have looked at but what i can say that pakistan is not a country where many people get test if unfortunately uh we have uh hundreds of missing persons right now whom the deep state is believed to have uh uh abducted uh but then it's no uh accountability for that uh in a country where there is a semi autonomous dadian system bear elections ahead and people that elected them that given i'm shed of power but real power is wielded by people sitting in doc offices uh running uh things in the name of national security uh justice or risk of not com in this case there were some expectation that because been in these put the fascination had saddened the entire nation all political parties fared sad about that even those who opposed to and the bucks funny ministry had hit responsibility in trying to get to the root of it so that they would not be further similar terrorist action in the country there some expectation that they will leak at least some justice and expectation has been completely dashed today what about pair of his uh massarah a spokesperson for him a told us earlier that the general will return to pakistan quote in due time and in the meantime everyone including the pakistani government's knows where most sheriff is it's no secret how do you respond to that wrote a letter fianna that is not the same thing a thing he was quote predictive either be u n and quitting or with the prosecution off these this particular case better is off chest lock or the media i am not saying that i have any evidence that he was involved in benazir bhutto's murder but i do think he has an obligation to answer the question vix he has consistently refused to do do you believe he will ever return to pakistan.

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