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Who knows how to group it up so i mean that's what will drive your spin rate as a team super high and if you wanna jump in on this eight seven seven seven ten espn. I don't think it's that big of a deal unless baseball says we're gonna crack down on it and the dodgers keep doing it makes. You're already there. You already think that. Now you root for a bunch of cheaters. I i'm bothered that there. There is cheating on the team. Yeah i'm bothering the same way. I was with steroids. Bothered degree of science dealing. I think that's a different level of cheating and baseball and you should make that specific electronic sign stealing the electron science dealing with the astros with the astros. Who are doing that. I've got an issue with a huge and there's no question that the dodgers win the world series. If they're not cheating as for spin rate. I guess now the idea is everybody spin rate is going to come down because baseball is gonna start checking. They should be checking well and let me be more specific about the point. I was making about how the dodgers have more guys spin it. The traded away. Dylan floro and adam caloric in did not resign. Pedro buys those guys or a low spin pitchers they signed. Trevor bauer jimmy nelson traded for garrett clovinger and alex all who spin the ball. So that's going to bring your rate up to right right. Yeah i mean. I've got a thing about like you always tell the story about how you cheated in. I didn't cheat day. Cheated cheated at ucla by showing off your paper to know. I was sitting in a. Here's the long story short. I was sitting in a the two guys who started on the basketball team. Were sitting to my right. And they said ireland. Move your elbow. So i can see your answers. I happily not only move my elbow but scooted my paper closer to the right so they could get a clean look at it and i consider myself instrumental in helping those two players passos balaji and you think i cheated you ditching. They cheated anybody who wouldn't think that's cheating. What are you talking about lindsay. We asked people last week and agreed with me. Made michael agreed with me. Yeah but microsoft. Google michael flynn's tonight cheated games. Did i cheat in that scenario. I think he bent the rules. Or hey today cheat they cheated. Oh come on we go mr. I don't know anybody complicit in this thing okay actually put the baseball great. And we'll we'll take calls on their eight seven seven seven ten. Espn but here's the other question. If john ireland is allowing people to copy off his paper in a test is that cheating. It's absolutely cheating eight. I know i know the material but you're giving the material. There's somebody else in the continental lead. I am may some giver. I was helping a fellow student in need. How did you see. I would feel badly about that as somebody if i if i actually allowed somebody or had some silent communication with somebody that said yup copy off mine i i would feel bad if our starting point guard didn't play the next game against notre dame because i was a nerd and didn't let him copy off my paper and besides you plagiarized straight up copied something else. How did i do that. When he said that he copied from highway trae right. I learned this in second grade. I learned this second grade. The second grade. Steve base drawing ingenuity think that incident because i revealed a brilliant moment second grade. Nature is beautiful flowers and trees keep nature and i did the artwork for it and i was hailed as a young second-grade genius. Then i copied a poem out of highlights magazine and turned it in like it was my own. I was so stigmatized by that. That's why i hate cheating so much. Because i cheated got caught and it felt terrible. You better hope. You have a john ireland in your class. If you don't know what the test material. Because i would have helped you out why you failed. If you didn't mean your cloud no. I look you would be copying off my paper dude. No i never did that. I only but if i only angel copy of me. I went into every test prepared mason. You always say did. Oh greg bergman wing in nope not cheating bending rules scher. But john wasn't looking at anyone else's paper he just moved his arm. You're actually taking. What bergman says seriously bergman one one of the executives in charge of this company that's what it's come to. I hate relieve. I don king bergman. Pick the assistant program director. He has to get that job on his own. Eight seven seven seven ten. Espn we'll get into that. Plus the trevor. Bauer thing. Also and john on top of everything else. I've got a story about a brand new event in philly that you may or may not wanna participate in that's coming up next for mason ireland seventeen. Espn i what's going on. By the way it is prince's birthday today never been anything quite like prince. A revolutionary in terms of music has been such an influence on revolutionary no pun intended. Was this band. That was his brinson. The revolution yeah. He and i remember the two girls in the revolution. Sheila no wendy and lisa wendy and lisa. That's right well. Where did she get into this act. Sheila was one of the guys. Prince discovered or one of the girls prince discovered and i think they did a song together. Yeah she'll remember sheely. And i remember that summer purple rain by the way. I'm maybe alone in this. But i don't think proposal. Rain holds up at all totally disagree. Watch to thane. Other than other than morris day and jerome throwing the girl into the dumpster. Everything else i think. It's a guy purple jammies riding around on a purple motorcycle and at the time it was super cool and the music still. The album is like one of the great albums ever made. By the way. I don't think holds up clarence williams who played prince's dad in that movie passed away today at the eighty one. Yeah he was more famous playing link on the mod squad but he also played princess dad and purple rain all right so we're kicking around a couple of different things number. One mason is worried that the dodgers have now become like the astros labeled labeled cheaters over this spin rate thing. Here's ramiro in paramount. Who wants to weigh in on this. Hey romero you're on seven ten..

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