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We went lovely Tran, who named this pocket named this podcast We had We have lunch at Shibuya Amazing Sushi joint. Down the street and everyone started staring at me. The whole is a very tiny sushi place. And literally everyone's like that wasn't that wasn't from because when you eat a lot of people, it wasn't it wasn't because of my my eighties midriff tank top. What do you look good? You know, like the animals and fantastic, Mr Fox. This looks like a guy like what? What? What? Blue Doe and what a trans sailing Belushi in Animal house? No, Tran was like we didn't say anything. We just kind of it's like in real time when we're just kind of where is like I think both of us were just kind of like, Wow. I mean, it was just It was just Wow. And then she'd go like they've all seen your Penis. That's what you said. When I first to Venus before you won't like you, and we all had lunch. Good that couldn't we might talk about interview magazine how the whole cast. We all went on Larchmont. We all would have gone somewhere with the very first day. It's a neighborhood right by Paramount neighborhood right by Paramount, and you look like you looked at me goes You know, I've seen your Penis Everyone. I think the whole gases like Yeah, Yeah, I've seen it. But that was it was good times with him because I think there was because of my schedule being so Busy because I hadn't even done a talk show. I hadn't even like I think my first like regular late night talk show with Jimmy Kimmel after the hangover came out, so I wasn't even I wasn't even breakable. Because you're not at that point. You weren't famous. You weren't. Right. Right? So it was like a week after the hangover came out, then I was like, Oh, you got Jimmy like, Wow. You know so way. Didn't you know? Like no one knew, And then everything. And then it was like, I don't know if you remember Joel, even during during that first few weeks of community you even at you even asked me he goes can were on Monday night. Raw E. It was kind of like like I was just doing so much press When I wasn't doing community those first few weeks of July of 09 It was just it was just it was intense. It was. It was very intense. When it's duct taping, you start getting the offers. All of a sudden, it's like, Oh, my gosh, all this stuff that I kind of always fantasized about his half right? Right, And that's Yeah, I want it started happening for me. I was just like all I'm saying yes to everything, and my publishers were like you can't say yes to everything right? Think about this, and I've annoyed them for years doing. I think that's what was going on. It was because there's there's a few things where I had to travel where this is. And do Yes. This is the excuse to do it where I was traveling, and they turned down the soup like three turned into suits. I don't know. I just It was just that first time And then the best is that KP is like a friend. And so KP was very confident that you are coming on the show there like a friend can is really popping right now. Big deal. Huge movie. It's gonna happen. He's going to come on the show. It's going to cool. He's a friend of mine. And can past and think I ran into him somewhere afterwards, and he was like, I can't I can't believe you big time he did. I can't believe you're big time now and then, And I was like, No, I'm sorry. It was a conflict and goes all right? Yeah, Yeah. Yeah, there was a conflict. Sure enough, And then And then by the time I went on the soup Every that first time I went on this tube was just gave you This was just so he was giving you such He was giving me such bad holding anything in here. I know. Yeah, that sounds exactly like you and I and I did, And I took it like a man. I was like, Yeah, You're right. You're right. I get it. I get it. Well, then, after that you made like I don't know you might have broken the first. You know, you have the appearance record so it might have been out of guilt. It might have been out of guilt. Keep listening. You can hear the rest of this podcast and all of its episodes and discovered thousands of others. All available to you for free right now by downloading the I heart radio app number one for podcasts..

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