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Makes all the money Don Simpson and Jerry bruckheimer figure out if we make these movies that are over the top. But everybody in them takes themselves extraordinarily seriously seriously. And the narrator of the film is gonna take himself just as seriously and the pacing is very consistent. Like one of my favorites is crimson tide. The great trailer starts out, and they're these Hackman's giving the music. Yeah. Something like that. It's I can't remember the music, but it's a shot of him giving the speech go Bama roll tide. Well, I was going to say because also in the nineties trailers they start off a lot of them with like that kind of. Lighthearted kind of inspirational songs, so anyway, and that submarine goes down. And then it goes you here do Doon Doon. Yes. The voices like what we've always known becomes. What we've always feared. Yes. And that's the voice where you're like this guy. He's the fine part was we were watching through some old trailers. And I wish that I could remember no idea. Remember, it was step mom, and it's it's like this holiday season. Sometimes the person you can't live with becomes the person. You can't live without you can't. What kind of movie is this? Someone gonna die is going to be an explosion. I don't know. This guy just knows how to deliver lives like this. So so intensely because it's also like it's like there's another one. That's our favorite is the edges a photographer with an eye for beauty a man who lives through books like are you? Oh my God. Is that? Okay. Okay. Vilocci creep is he following women around that guy is far and away my favourite. Now, he's often confused with the the home alone. Terminator two guy. Right. He's a little less like old nineties guy. Feels like he's kind of you're really really really warm loving uncle. Yeah. But he's also like doesn't have anything going for him. So he makes tries makes everything sound really intense. He also is the guy that when he delivers the season. He sounds the best this holiday season this spring this summer, he's he's the best delivering that line..

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