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Historian of strategy and things military casualties in World War two of rule sixty million dead U. S. and that this is irresponsible as well I you know I I saw one doctor saying half of a million dead and the other a very respectable radio said half a million dead and look I'm just a logic I hear nobody's had not even China China Italy it out even run even Iran which is nobody's had numbers like that why would the United States have numbers like at the that I don't even know how you extrapolate that number I mean I guess if it I mean that we can you know this is you know that there are liars downed wires or statistics or S. so I we were talking in the break I think first I think a big part of why we will get through this as Americans have decided that social distancing this is good I I'm not going pretty rapidly they you know actually it wasn't well I did we were familiar with that was it because the federal government told us to we as Americans decided to do this and and I that makes it way more effective and I think it it'll help dramatically it's the most important thing the testing thing I think is largely a distraction at this point I mean testing is value there's no question about you know to stop the spread it's it's it's not the silver bullet to to controlling the the virus social distancing really really as and then again effective medical response taking care of consequences in communities that that that's it but here's where I think this may actually make us stronger first of all who are the best people at responding to disasters and crisis people who have been through a disaster crisis Americans now all have experiences together we're gonna be a stronger people fort resiliency will increase we are discovering new sources of resiliency so for example the heritage foundation like every other thing tag we decided we're not gonna operate out of the building we're gonna enhance social distancing you know what else we discovered we can do everything we do now without that damn building are you gonna sell the building I doubt that there is a very nice place to stay but I think more people organised governed new ways to do things were going to invent new businesses were Helen St new capabilities they were thing so we're going to we're figuring out how to get on with the business of being America and and and what and when the virus goes away hopefully at the end of the of the flu season and regular business come back we're not going to lose all the valuable constructive things we've learned in the last couple weeks and months and I I think we will be down there look let's let's be honest here who's gonna get hurt like small businessmen it is wage employees this is going to be tough for them because literally their economies are not designed to go with thirty days of of disruption so this is going to have an impact on a fellow Americans but one we're gonna help take care of our our friends and neighbors we just are because that's what we do is America the second thing this economy's gonna bounce really back strong and and and everybody's gonna rise from the ashes well this is a great new businesses people are going to you know pick up and pay their mortgage and and I think we'll be just fine and that as a doctor books mentioned who is the chief coordinator for the coronavirus response team at the press conference today in the rose garden in prior cases in nineteen eighty five for example during that outbreak it took six years to work out the proper response screening and vaccines we're doing it in weeks now not years you know people always have all their testing in South Korea other tested whatever we will we have actually seen as analysis that says all the testing actually made their response more efficient or that they're testing is actually any good thank you we don't have exact yeah so I I'd so people began the problem is is the critics need something hard once they pick this testing thing like it's the silver bullet yeah you know just like a train it was always all famous spot right they need this thing they need is a single point of failure and a look I let's be honest our testing regime was not rolled out efficiently effectively the president what did what the actually is the genius the president I'd states is that let's say it's the federal government has just demonstrated they can't do this it's not my fault I didn't bill the federal government so I'm gonna turn to the people who can and they are there whether it's rose whether it's Google this is always has been always will be a results oriented to presidents because that's what he's been doing for fifty years and the private sector we've been told to Jim Carafano vice president of all things masculine for policy at the heritage foundation check out his new article on why the president's measures are working we.

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