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With swirls of buffalo sauce and three cheese blend and some rate sauce. Just six bucks on Lee at Papa John's I'm Rob Stole worth w T o p traffic Now the storm team four meteorologist Briana Berman solo after a week of severe weather and above average temperatures. Looks like we've cooled off a bit for the holiday weekend. Temperatures today started in the fifties and sixties will be in the seventies and low eighties for our highs to finish out Saturday overnight, cooling off once again. With fifties and sixties for your low temperatures tomorrow. Cool. Start warm afternoon. Mostly sunny skies high temperatures in the low to mid eighties for your Sunday Mostly sunny and dry on Monday as well, and we start to see that humidity creep back into the forecast mid eighties for Labor Day will be in the mid eighties. Very humid on Tuesday with sunshine and then rain returns for the middle of your work week. I'm storm team for meteorologist Free environment, Zillow. Right now, taking a look at the temperatures. We have 77 degrees in Lorton. We have 74 degrees in Gaithersburg right now, and it's 76 degrees in northwest D. C at 12 22 brought to you by new look home design, no interest and no payments for six months after roofing installation. Is part of the election process in Maryland, which decides if a male and ballot khun be counted and normally involves a two member team to Dio but due to a flood of mail in ballots expected this year. The state Board of Elections is allowing local boards to make a change. Can one person performing those administrative tasks of is the ballot timely? If it's signed, opening and in checking up a ballot can be stand. Nicki Carlson is the deputy administrator for elections in Maryland. She says This doesn't involve.

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