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Almost twelve hundred structurally deficient bridges back in two thousand four of where we're at now with a hundred and thirty one is no small accomplishment many of those bridges were replaced or repaired in times of extreme budgetary challenges he says dot maintains about sixty eight hundred bridges on the highway system three and a half percent of Oklahomans have medical marijuana approvals that from the Oklahoma medical marijuana authority Oklahoma's participation rate places it among the top thirty three states that have some form of medical cannabis legislation the state's medical marijuana agency attributes the strong patient participation to minimal financial obstacles and a lack of restrictions on qualifying conditions of very cold case here's Beth Myers it is a very cold case but S. B. I. investigators aren't giving up the O. S. B. I. is now offering a five thousand dollar reward for information that could help solve the nineteen seventy seven disappearance of a Choctaw county man twenty four year old Ronnie Davis was last seen at his horse corral near Swink on August twenty fourth nineteen seventy seven he was never heard from again he lived with his father and left all his personal belongings behind the O. S. B. I. believes he was the victim of foul play it's fifteen years in federal prison for former private track coach in Texas who pleaded guilty to driving one of his female athletes to Tulsa purportedly to meet with college coaches but instead he raped the girl at the Tulsa hotel told the US attorney Trent shore says other victims have come forward claiming they were also assaulted by fifty six year old Kerry Sloan of Harker heights Texas going back to nineteen ninety Sloane was sentenced yesterday in Tulsa federal court president trump plans to showcase the American military strength at upcoming fourth of July event Jerry helper reports president trump will make a speech at the Lincoln Memorial part of a salute to America of it he says will honor the US military we're gonna have planes going overhead the best fighter jets in the world and other plans to and we're gonna have some tanks stationed outside the event is in addition to the annual a capitol fourth concert at the US capitol to proceed to a fireworks display president trump has previously wanted of military parade in Washington plans for event were called off in part because of the cost and if your fourth of July plans include going to let Carl black well west of Stillwater be where the yellow floating hard it's an invasive plant to that can wrap around your legs and pull you under rip your swimming end can wrap itself around your boat's motor causing expensive repairs Oklahoma state university staff and the state department of wildlife conservation are trying to get a handle on it before it spreads to other lakes authorities will be spring an herbicide two feet under water starting July ninth and lasting for three days from the.

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