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Khloe jau it. Starring francis mcdormand directed by khloe jao. I'm excited about this movie. Because i can't imagine anything more different than my current life than a nomadic existence and just to see someone on the road living off the land. That's exciting to me right now. And the cooling. This movie is so francis. Mcdormand plays a fictional character but most of the characters in the film including linda may swinging. Bob wells a real life nomads. And it's about nomads. In the american west just drive around the west just living life. I do think look. There's another movie that i've talked about on a podcast that i feel was snubbed. By the academy all right and are not gonna say the name of it because it's not ad for them right. But i'll say i think one of the reasons it was snubbed is because it had really unassuming performances and what i really like about. Nomad land is frances. Mcdormand is awesome. But it's but it doesn't feel like a you know like hollywood people you know pretending to be people none none of that. It's great francis. Mcdermott fantastic There's great themes to the movie people struggling after the two thousand eight financial crisis. So it's great and you don't have to take our word for it. Guess who's list of favorite movies of twenty nomad land was featured on guys. What list rush. Limbaugh barack obama you heard of him. It's very good. Yeah break obama. Put it right on his list. Favorite movies of twenty twenty in addition to break obama liking. It was the first film ever to win both toronto film festivals people's choice and venice golden lion. It was the top ten movie of the year. Gotham awards for best feature audience award on over one hundred critics top ten lists ninety six percent on rotten tomatoes and racking amount one right there of course ninety six on metacritic and not only did chloe direct the film she also edited produced and wrote the screenplay also director club. Tone it down khloe too much he did. Obama liked it because one of the nomads was david axelrod in theaters across the us in streaming on hulu february nineteenth check out nomad land. Let's talk about the seven republicans who voted to convict. Most people thought that the only five republicans in play where lisa murkowski.

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