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To go directly to that link and of course we are on tour starting at the end of september. We are going to be taking the podcast to cities many of which you guys all live nearby so come buy a ticket in case you haven't already these are the cities that we are going to charlotte. North carolina nashville tennessee two shows in atlanta <hes> carbon north carolina richmond virginia fort lauderdale florida indianapolis indiana two shows in chicago two shows in new york saint louis louis missouri to shows in philadelphia and seattle washington is our lash of the year. There may be one or two more shows that wind up in the mix always listen to the announcements in check us out on social media and <hes> yeah. It's gonna be exciting and superfund. Don't worry about coming solo. You'll have a great time and <hes> the charlotte one by the way the charlotte show on september. Twenty six is part of the queen city comedy experience. It's a comedy festival so you wouldn't be just seeing us. You'd actually seeing all sorts of the actual funny komo queen elizabeth coming g is going to be our guests so lots of meghan markle jokes coming your way up plenty of them so come see us there there because we have a huge theater for that one and we wanna fill every single one of those seats so watch crap is dot com for tickets and that's all the news that's vistaprint because guess guess what it is real housewives of orange county premier a orc. Yes real house of orange. County is la by ac. I felt some hope. I felt a lot of hope. Actually i felt like the episode was really good. At the the tempo was good. I was engaged. <hes> i was i was i was laughing. I was angry. I gave me a lot of things to think about. I felt like the vibe felt good. I'm cautiously optimistic about where the season's gonna go. Yeah me too actually was feeling pretty good about it. <hes> really worried about gina <hes> she's just a fucking mess all over the place and she's had a really rough year <hes> and so. I'm kind of worried about that. 'cause guy likes gina like sometimes you watch these shows. It's like you need how you don't need to be on the tv show. You need to like get yourself some help right now. This is not helping now. She's also. I feel like starting starting to transition into jimi polo's wait. This is really weird like she's looking more and more jenny willows every episode every interview yeah. I was getting once you see it. It's hard not not to see it. I was definitely getting some jenny polos but like my my like celebrity. Twinning powers is a little off because i go to places like i firmly firmly believe that jack from this currencies and a big brother if you took away his hair and his beard and made him a woman would be jamie lee curtis so you know well. There's a girl on bachelor in paradise. He looks like fred ormiston and once i saw i couldn't stop all i've seen that you're going to see jenny pillows and gina. I guarantee kit will gina look you know i would never take advice for me. Real life or on a podcast to get away from tamra barney immediately 'cause does nobody be any good okay especially when you're going through something like this get away from that satan possum anger face stay away of a dumpster. Okay stay away. Yes they away so speaking of tamra. The episode opens up with a shot of tammuz newhouse not to be confused with their new house from last season or the new house from in two seasons ago or the new house from like three or four seasons ago. You know what like stop moving because i don't wanna hear it. I don't want to hear about the new house renovations. You're allowed. You're allowed that like once once every four years but if it's every season i'm not down for an especially when they all look exactly the same yeah. You know what i mean. We've seen at camera yeah. I know this one looks like a little bit better but still still enough and of course she like shows up to her to her new house on like a dirt bike. She's like motors up the the street on a dirt bike. Which i felt like was a metaphor for something not sure what well i one of my neighbors. I've talked about him before is like a big trump guy. He's the only guy in our neighborhood is a big trump. God-like he'll go to the gay pride parade wearing a maga- hat just trying to start fights with people and he was telling me one time <hes> yeah. I have a dirt mike and i was like why do you have a dirt bike. We're in l._a. And he's like because if when when it really comes down. I'm going to be able to get my family out of here. Like oh god. This guy actress interest himself pictures himself like going over the hollywood hills on his dirt bike with his family. How's that going to work. I don't know you know i just i. I learned my to ask questions yeah exactly well so i guess tamara's boning up to do some dirt biking which means that. Maybe we'll have glamis partout. I mean you know after you like toppled the dune buggy maybe stay away from the extreme sports yeah and she's eddie's like come on camera. You've got to wear a helmet okay again. I'm okay you know what the last person i would suggest. Where helmet is tamra. Okay just keep going camera as their hera freeway ramp closed. This might lead to an improvement. I i read an article like a year and a half ago about there. Was this girl who wrote an article probably like on huff po or medium a._m. Or something and she was like i am sick of people telling me to wear a helmet on my bike. How about you don't crash into me. I was like yeah but how 'bout maybe both how about maybe maybe wear a helmet shoes at this whole thing like it was like she fell like <hes>. The people were so condescending to her saying like why don't you wear a helmet. Why don't you wear how much she's she's not. You and i feel like it's restrictive house like where fucking helmet like just. Why would you not do take the extra. What like the extra precaution precaution that might save your life. You know yeah well. You know some people you just let live and let die is what i say or live and get chinchillas because we over to gina's house house or gina. I mean bless her heart. Bless gene is little heart last season our first season. She was trying to convince us that everything's okay with matt was never there. Her kids are running around everywhere. She's got got a fireplace in the middle of her fucking limping grill the more women and now and she had no one to talk to you because she had no family life really so she just was always facetime ago parents france and now she's added the character of a chinchilla. I mean this is like the saddest thing i've ever see. I know <hes> it actually noted actually made me pine for for many pine for a rocky the chinchilla on blood sweat and heels <hes> mika mica had she was the that was that was a great show that was really a great show and mike mika whatever her name was. She was just like she. We didn't deserve her and we did not get enough of her. The news the best well this this girl now has a chinchilla and now she's talking to doing scenes with it which is really making me sad. She was like hi little chinchilla. Do you like your new house. We do cardio. You want do cardio. You can't because you're entail a bank and i do patio got him so happy. I'm so happy how how long before that chinchilla has a little pillow in his gauge that says gada wars chinchilla to cook the little up like a little poster that says paris hilton or cooks or they could take the way they could get a miniature version of the tamra when ah not tamra a gretchen we used to gretchen probably has one of those posters has paris and five different languages harris harris timbre used to have one. That's at picacho remember. We were doing a recap nervion ever noticed. She just had a poster that said for kacha i i i it's like it's like oh gotcha yeah from this show all of our home goods and ross dress for less home section ranting ranting began and so funny because we'd love going to those those stores in fact. We haven't been to one together in a very long time running but we both individually love going and yet because i feel like going to a t._j. Maxx or to a homegoods what's fun is that there's so much shit and terrible stuff and you have to go through pruitt and you've got to find and you find the gems within the shit so that when you see someone like gina who just like takes all the shit. You're like ooh. She failed you know i think that's why i get so angry angry because i'm like you did not put in the effort. You did not do what you were supposed to do at home which is look beyond that stuff. Yeah and there's just stuff that is always there. Ah so why are you buying. Aren't you getting the hint. This is not no one has this. That's the way it's always ross dress for less your gather sign yeah yours. It's like who that's the other thing you go into those stores and say who buys this who bought who buys these like strange articifial sundried tomatoes that are next year like the you know the matter jaffrey frying pan although i would get him out of jaffrey plan. I'm sorry even bring that her into it. So then we go over to emily's house which is typical emily's house. Emily has the bravo stink face. You know we see a lot these days and i think people like just starting botox late not realizing where they're supposed to inject him and so they just like she's always like she's also like now fully drag queen so like some some sometimes. It's kind of like a drag queen aesthetic almost like she. She just has drag. I think face right now yeah. She's got a lot. He's got a lot going on so she was on shane. Get his bar exam passed but guess what now he's never home and she's dot com with the children yeah and so the kids are going wild because i think they're i seem to remember them being pretty wild last year also out of a member but they're wild and there's like a kid who's literally kicking. Their dog does have a a little dog named fisker and they keep this kid just keeps on trying to kick fisker over and over and over again and she's like. Are you harassing the dog. Stop kicking the dog or you arrest the dog. I was like i am live right now. This child has just kicking this dog and she's like not like grabbing the child and putting them in his own cage yeah that's when he kicks a child. Yeah take the child. That's a journal child. Child kicking approved yeah so then we go over the shannon. Who's going to work out what her kids. I'm like how how well knew me. Ladies and gentlemen introducing the new shannon storms door. I've lost lost forty pounds and gained a lot of fun looking other fun having so much so much fun. I'm shannon is back. Jack santa's trying so hard to convince us. She's new fund shannon and i love it because he tries us every fucking year remember last year when i was so upset about this year.

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