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Served up all the information of what you already feel and believe in it just reinforces the way you see the world and it gets harder and harder to understand how other people see the world when that's all you're dealing with all day long, and that's really it's a algorithm finely tuned to serve up just what what each individual person would respond to, and that's really really dangerous. Yeah. It was an incredible documentary. Social Dilemma. So what are your thoughts on social media? What have you discovered? What would you like to share with our listeners? What I? You know I just believe in putting at least in social media trying to put. Positive thoughts out into the world and trying to push yourself, and it's also the information you consume or what you may be read or what you may be watched for trying to. Think about being curious about other points of view and trying to understand. Why people feel the way they do and get a sense for how other people think, and I, think it pays to be genuinely curious in social media outside of social media in life. And let other people. Know that you're curious about. Their point of view or the conversations they have, and it's not about if someone posts something and I don't agree I'm Gonna I'm GonNa, unfriendly them or unsnarl them or just just write them off because I know that they don't. They don't believe the way I think you may want to ask them a question or Sunday routes or can you articulate why you feel that way and I think when that happens? It allows you to. Not, maybe, persuade someone to be think the way you do or you're going to be persuaded that things the way they do, but you may learn where they're coming from or what their views are or how they feel that way and so. An example that I always talk about I don't know if we've talked about this before but there is a a friend of mine who was really against immigrants and I don't know if we ever talked about this before but he was was so against any immigration of any kind of people coming into this country even though we are all you know immigrants. Part of of the heart of it, and I never understood why you took this position and we were friends but you know friends don't always have to agree and share the same position and I found out that when he was was growing up his his father Had A you know a low paying job and they use like working the farm somewhere and he got displays lost his job because there was a you know undocumented worker took his job and they lived out of the car for you know a twelve eighteen months. Before his doctor find another job and from that experience probably hearing his father taught he just decided to hate it everyone that comes. Over. To our country and gets jobs you know under the table and so because of that. That was his view because that was his experience it wasn't that he doesn't. Personally he has a personal taste for any immigrant he meets and I'm sure if you looked into some of his friends history or where they came over, he made see things a little bit differently but it made me understand not agree with him I made me understand where he was coming from because like the empathetic. See the world through his lands and his experiences, and we all have different experiences that form and shape our opinion and that's an example if I just said here, the reasons why it's right and he told me all the reasons why it was wrong because it hurt the economy and You know it's illegal etc that we would have just been bad at all day but when I could be curious about it and understand what? Was Underneath it. It helped me be empathetic to them and understand it on a different level. Yeah and there's always that story underneath isn't there. You know when you when you're really trying to understand why someone feels the way they do and it's so great having you on the air we're going to go to break real quick everyone more coming up with Jason. Harris. Is the CO founder and CEO of mechanism we will be right back..

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