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In the low forties partly cloudy with some showers around for sunday deadly we'll see some showers and a cloudy day for most of western washington temperatures will be up a forties to mid fifties looks like scattered showers in for monday expect rainy weather for sure wednesday afternoon through thursday afternoon this coming week snow level about thirty five hundred feet right now adulation macomer weather center you may have seen some shocking search results on facebook this past week now the social media giant is apologizing some users say when they type in the phrase video of into facebook's search bar they were given auto complete suggestions that described sexual abuse of a child facebook says it has removed those suggestions and is investigating how they got there in the first place a sound of surf guitar you think a california unless you grew up in the north west your first thought is the ventures is past week the ventures lost another one of their original members gnocchi edwards he passed away at the age of eighty two he was the group's lead guitar player but at times he would step in as based group got its start in the tacoma area back in the nineteen fifties original member don wilson said they always were known the band that launched a thousand qatar bands many guitars who went on record saying they were influenced by the ventures george harrison stevie ray vaughan jimmy page roger fisher of heart and while most groups struggled to release one to five albums the ventures have released two hundred fifty different albums during their time few people realize that dick clark would often hire the ventures to appear on american bandstand as a house ban for solo artists who didn't have their own band and when the monkeys didn't play their own instruments members of the ventures would step in to help out and how many rock and roll bands to say we also had success with a tv theme song that help promote a very popular cop show from years ago and it was one of their best hits ever.

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