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Let's go on to mention a few others. Don't always have quotes from everybody but Miguel de sunday's. He's the one that wrote down curiosity member about hilton the windmills. He was put in jail. I think he was put in jail for debts. He odette so he was better. You put in jail for that De profundis by oscar wilde oscar wilde was put in jail because he was gay guy. Court engage with. Apparently somebody's powerful son hoops but that that as one of the pieces he wrote while he was in jail a john. Jay wrote our lady of the flowers while in jail gone over here okay all right nelson mandela just a little bit about him not to tear down anybody's idle or making anything worse than it is but we can't learn anything about anybody unless we know the truth about things when we live on fans fantasies and fairytales. That's how we remove ourselves from the reality of things now. Nelson mandela is one of the very few political activists in the history of mankind. Dow's actually arrested for something that he really did do. He did murder policeman. He didn't murder him in self defense. Now he went to the police station shot and killed them. He murdered policeman whether they were part of the political protests back then or the fact that he was very mad because policemen over they were literally shoot into crowds of protesters and kill people on a regular basis. Which is reason why he did that. Out of the fury of that sort of thing happening but he was convicted of an actual civilian crime You can call it political and nothing wrong with doing so but nevertheless he did murder somebody. I think murdered more than two actually and went to jail for. He converted into a more nonviolent person while in jail and revisited. Many of his His angers in his beliefs and and the things that he did want from society. Okay he Put together a book in jail that later got published when he got out of jail called conversation with myself and i find this particular patch of that book very interesting because i think you can tell that he's realizing some of the things he did some of the things he needed to change himself if he wants to be the leader that he he did..

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