Nicole Dowling, Dick, Sarah Booth discussed on Coffee With Chrachel - EP 164: A Gaggle of Buds


All right so with that i think we're gonna wrap up the steps to give a great okay well we'll guess we'll see you guys on monday and the next monday in the next monday and are we'll see noory benches this week you guys were going to the fucking mall because they're dying and you need to get their one last time for the rogue on nicole dowling is treating themselves to some cold stone creamery ice cream so much and we sweeney is sweating after running the mall exercise course melony welding extremely well done seek it teaching friday's astra pro is captivated by singer playing in the center kimberly there is boycotting any answer for giving them a stale pretzel shannon jars is looking for a supernatural shirt in hot topic illusion the key is a traitor and shopping a yankee candle kimberley process getting some pro sports gear at dick's sporting goods sarah booth is taking funny photos and a photo booth countries having a conversation with the hand delusion person you know taylor collins is making a test call on their new iphone from the apple store emma core bill is being cornered by those stupid helicopter i get so scared everytime after what by one of those guys drown slum fuller basket of bath and body works candles couldn't be fuller and joke of leases buying the favorite hair joe at the hair salon meghan beretta's sniffing the burglary sentence for it kim really is fueling greedy and bought all the nikes and foot locker with all broke his gagging as they lot by allistair lindsey toward lina is also being tortured by the fragrance of policy tortured jess adams is adding color died the water found it always was.

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