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Don't know exactly when they did it made it feel like it was, you know, sometimes time blurs and you will be off. I think it was about four years ago, man. I kind of remember this. It was it was the wild Wild West. Back in the day you had the bigger checkbook. You got the player E think it was right before Otani came bt because it was before because I remember remember talking or at least hearing about how It was unfair and certain teams were getting an advantage in so they changed the rules around. It was right before show time. I'm almost positive it was it was now Is it not worth it? Not when it's out of bounds. I think that There's certain situations. It's not so much the posting fee as much as it is given the exorbitant contract after that, that can sometimes gets a little twisted sideways here. And you know, Tanaka is a good example of if you didn't see him pitch like if somebody zone remember Tanaka like they see footage and you know Colton in 10 Years. Easy's What was Tanaka like Dad? You know what I'm saying is that he was a big game pitcher. He was a beast in October championships. Did he win? Yes, story there, buddy. But you know when you have a three and three quarter er Ray in the American League East and hitter's ballparks like The Bronx with a short life, You'll porch in a you know, 280 ft fence and in Boston and Toronto, which is a launch pad and Camden Yards, which is a little League field in terms of the gaps. 3.7 force, Not that bed. Good pitcher. Not great. Good, reliable. I've got a lot of love for Tanaka but overall processing the Japanese market. It's It's incredibly viable and not just the pictures. The position players to they can run their athletically. They're not far behind that, as you think they're not. It's it's comparable. That is some big big time baseball over there. So if you see somebody like, go.

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