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Welcome back. Jason show. Nice to have you with us this afternoon. And the mayor of Memphis has made it pretty clear that he believes Memphis has momentum. Momentum. What is momentum? Momentum is could be momentum to disaster could be momentum to something great could be anything in between. It's momentum. We have momentum of people leaving Memphis moving to other places. We have local and national statewide. We have a mental of of consistently failing your kids. The mayor says that our momentum is moving in the right direction with crime, even though it may not feel like it. All right. I'll let you tell me what you think about that five three five nine seven three to five three five nine seven three to do. We actually have momentum. As the mayor is saying, do you believe that we have momentum five three five nine seven three to Joe, you're on the Ben Ferguson show. Thanks for waiting. Hi. How are you doing? Well, sir. We got momentum. He says Memphis has momentum. Do we have the right type of momentum? Well, the momentum is exodus fan and going to the I wanted to address the dropping crime rate. What have you if if you're the keeper of the castle, and the numbers anything can drop you can check with the chamber of commerce and see how they feel about the drop in violent crime. I think they'd feel differently right now with with what's happened to them in the past several months, but when when burger is your reported as vandalism and five five break ins of vehicles on the same parking garage. Or a reported is one it's easy to control the numbers and get that crime rate. Police officers interesting you brought that up if said to me Ben that a lot of the they said a lot of the crimes have been reported like basically when there's a community crime as you described it as a as a break in of multiple apart. Or that they can the numbers can be fudged to give you the statistics that you want. I've had police officers. Tell me that a great example as I said, it's the the number of car break-ins has been out of control now for well. Over a year. It is rampant the number break-ins. Yes, sir. Yes, sir. There's no doubt that is the truth, and it continues to go on and until until they train these young officers. And it's not the young officers fault that they don't know how to do it or they're not getting a push the drive to do it. The only way to police this crime police it in these streets when you say these outlaws running one two three four five defense vehicle. Stop them. Check them got guns. Even if the state law says they have them in their car. There's nothing in the state law says you can't take those guns give him a receipt. Ella more. They're gonna be filed. I'm not talking about people that have concealed carry legitimate business. People legitimate citizens just trying to protect themselves. I'm talking about the gangsters that are out here rolling constantly all over the city vehicles, Robin Schouten killing people just without without a moment's thought. And we can take those guns law enforcement. Can you? So they know the guns going to where it's supposed to be going the property room. And let them worry about getting them back. Gotta have policing in the street. You can't you can't police from the tower and being in charge of the numbers. Can't do. It doesn't work. You know, this was something can happen a couple of weeks ago, but Nevis police and the fire unions have actually proposed a tax increase to restore their slash health and pension benefits. They are not letting this fight go in the Memphis fire association, the Memphis police association, they held us joint press conference. Where the two unions have been pushing for a half cent sales tax increase publicly I met with with some of them last year. They started this last year in February of eighteen this is the best way. We can we can come up with the spread with that spreads the burden over the largest number of people that will have the least impact on the citizens of Memphis yet provide the biggest bang for their buck is what the as what NPD said the group place plays files with one hundred forty thousand signatures out to sea, then transport them to city hall. The signatures were the result of a summer long campaign. The absence sales tax would restore benefits that have been reduced in years passer. Firefighters and police officers in the city of Memphis. There are also be money left over they say that they would give the pre K funding and street maintenance, if there is money left over I guess the union believes fifty two million could be raised which would be enough to restore slash healthcare and pension benefits for their to their two thousand fourteen levels now union. Leader said the current benefits are subpar and pushing police officers and firefighters with a few year experience out the door, which is true in Richardson rates are massive NPD president Mike Williams says yeah, the recruiting, but when you have all the experience, it's leaving the city. That's something that systems don't deserve. They deserve quality experience. Police and fire personnel mayor Jim Strickland's office released a statement saying the city of Memphis is not currently generate enough revenue to afford a return to a defined benefit plan for all its employees. That's why we originally had to shift our benefits to keep the city financially sound over the last three years, we've improved employee pay benefits and the promotion process for both both members fire and police hiring more than four hundred officers and three hundred firefighters we have account. We have a compliment in Memphis fire of one thousand seven hundred seventy two and we are currently at seventeen twenty five. In addition. We have one hundred three firefighters who have left other departments from all over the country to join our department in August two thousand and. Seventeen just before the first graduating class, it was a product of our big recruiting push. We had one thousand nine hundred nine officers today. We have two thousand seventeen we will reach twenty one hundred this year continuing your climb towards twenty three hundred by the end of twenty twenty. In addition. We have ninety one p t's bottom line. We have improved recruitment and retention of Memphis fire and police we still have more work to do. But we definitely have a minimum. Translation, we don't want this tax increase. That's what the mayor's office quickly saying in that statement five three five nine seven three to five three five nine seven three two. It's been Ferguson show a lot more on this coming up wanna tell you real quick though. About.

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