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Think the Perlmutter mentions that in research studies the people with really low cholesterol actually didn't do as well when they had heart problems and the people at higher cholesterol survived better a study out of Scandinavia which is a high close really mean that the higher good for two hundred those people actually did better than the people who were one fifty yeah I'm my good cholesterol is above where it should be put my bad cholesterol is quite low and I'm below well I'm well below two hundred so I'll have to take a look at that but I know I did I have a question for page she tries she's not with us but once you try it or try to me maybe I can okay Sir so even though I've never had a weight issue like most people sweets and carbs I can get in trouble with those yeah and so I get the impression that awakened one eighty which I'm not terribly familiar with other than hearing it on the radio and that your good experience but also just from books I read I think if you eat more fat which so many people are still afraid of you feel more safe he stated that causes fewer cravings this is not how you can more or less kick sugar loaf or carbs well she mentioned I don't know if you listen to the whole issue she mentioned she's a she's a cheater husband both good cooks and and she talked about you know having stuff that they would pre make in the refrigerators you talked about some recital and dials also a spinach recipe and so when some of us some of us were in the refrigerator and look for the piece of chocolate cake it they're going into the looking for something that's really healthy and they're feeling just as good about it right you know that there are C. Sheehan center field level is as good as the person just went and and sports of the chocolate cake I will tell you that with my experience with the with the weight one eighty is that I have not denied myself I I still can have a dish a truck that ice cream with chocolate sauce and and Hershey's chocolate chips on it because of a chocolate guide but yet you do it in balance sheet you don't deprive yourself of anything just you you know there are certain things which I limited I did eliminate Pepsi because I thought to myself for forty one cop carbohydrates it's just not worth it and when I it took me a couple weeks to get used to it once I started drinking water with my meals by food tasted better so it works for me it might not work the same way for someone else that's all makes sense with the soda because I think when you're drinking a lot of sweet soda you crave a lot of salty food too I knew I was constantly getting like burgers and fries and then diet soda and it didn't make sense but the two are kind of like competing with each other yes yes well I will go to a restaurant and I don't do that anymore but I would go to a restaurant or a burger and fries and a Pepsi and a glass of water I would sip the water I drink a Pepsi to get a second Pepsi so I was doing all the wrong things and I thought it was I was in good shape and I was in the gym every day just wasn't losing weight so well that's my story and I'm sticking to it I appreciated your call came please can continue to call the show on this or other topics okay and like I said that book perfect health diet by Jammin it could look for that at the library or or online I made it I made a note of it myself as a man father could hope for it is held dot com website that's their website okay great I think you can keep calling show appreciate it very much okay bye get out six one seven two five four to thirty triple eight nine two nine ten thirty we got a few more minutes to this hour I'd love to fill it out if you had a good experience losing weight then you want to take a little bit of a a victory lap or tell me how you did it if you want if you have a tip that has worked for you something that you have used which has kept your head out of the refrigerator we'd love to hear that there's a lot of people listening tonight look to finish out this hour we're going to change topics at ten o'clock I got a couple of topic ideas one of which deals with your summer vacation what has happened is that and we also will get back to the decision by the governor today to extend until may eighteenth the state home advisory the governor of Massachusetts and it's probably gonna happen a lot of other states as well the number six one seven two five four ten thirty triple eight nine two nine ten thirty I got a couple calls if you want to dial in right now I will get you in your weight loss story or your frustration with it it can be done and it's not difficult it's not difficult all you have to do is find the right program that works for you I know what works for me maybe you want to tell me about a program that works for you or you want to give someone give me a tip anything that did you might suggest I'd love to hear from you six one seven two five four ten thirty triple eight nine two nine ten thirty side with Dan.

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