Twitter, Tom Brady, Patriots discussed on Morning Meeting


So there's any chance we can keep this from being known from outside the building let's do it so everybody don't say anything don't say anything let's see what happens nobody knows anything and end our ideal you can get away with it and but they didn't john dennis is one of the people have the audio and just kept letting the world know so more and more people are harming about this over the weekend and people are taggants where does he can't pretend that you didn't see the your tagged in twitter if you're a certain organization and that this has been said so you try to hide and that's why i that minahan monday had had enough and said hey let's talk about this what he said in this napn and so they did in in tom brady either was told by the patriots over the weekend or just before the phone call and that's why he bailed said i'm out of here but i mean i understand what to do i understand you wanna try to hide it there was a time to remember there's a particular thing with a micrograms trump where are where there was news article that was very observe firms a hit on brock obama and it was a politically incorrect hit on and wasn't a anything crazy but anyway it's it's it's it's serious enough so that i'm not going to mention the now but we mentioned during the show and and then a couple of reporters called immediately including one from the gloves ing did you guys just see this and i said no got no jesus no and and i remember talking after the show i remember that no because because they didn't have the tape of it generally don't give out sound checks in radio that's the going the.

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