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We're individuals. And yes, you know. It's a horrible thing. Don't think people people who are racist horrible. But you can't let your way. Right. And the overcoming of it is character-building. I, you know, my my son in law is a Jamaican American. My daughter met him at Harvard. No, actually, my son met him at Harvard. And then my daughter met him at Stanford medical school where they both went to medical school. And she will tell you that he worked twice as hard and twice as long as everybody else. Not because he needed to to keep up. But because he's brilliant, and he he deserved to be in those schools competing with everyone else equally. Nobody should come along anytime in question academic credentials NC that was exactly where I was going when he came time for his internship. All of a sudden, he said doors were being sprung open that everybody else was having trouble getting to and he you know, he said I refuse to be used in that manner. I will earn my place and whatever hospital, and by the way, he earned, of course, top fellowships and everything else on his merit. But but he said it's insane. The kind of special access that was given to other students. They went to school with who really had lackluster scholastic records. Yeah. I mean, it's one of the reasons why racial preferences, keeps coming back to the court is society, by the way, this is an eighty twenty. A very big poll last week. Which showed this is an issue which American public is invited eighty twenty eighty percent of the people think that. Support it. So this is this is a clear a clear majority here against.

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