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An air of confidence. He noted warmly to the other pilots and stewardesses as he passed and strolled through security with a brief flash of his security badge. He was a well known figure. In the terminal greeted warmly. By all the flight personnel he encountered Williams approached the desk of Eastern Airlines and requested a flight to Miami. This wasn't unusual. It was a common courtesy for airlines to offer free tickets to all pilots regardless of what company they worked for after a quick look at his Pan. Am ID card and his certified pilot's license. He was quickly. I should aboard the next available flight. Frank settled into the jump seat located next to the cockpit where the rest of the crew was seated. He engaged in friendly onto the stewardesses and the pilots aboard while the final checks were prepared. Then the captain picked up his head piece and radio the Federal Aviation Administration for FAA tower. Franks heart froze as he overheard. The pilot explained that they had a Pan Am pilots on board with them. The captain listened for a moment then nodded at Frank. They had the all clear. Frank that out a deep breath as the plane race down the runway and lifted off if the FAA tower had requested more information about the unexpected guest on a flight. They might have discovered that the twenty six year old Frank Williams didn't exist. The man sitting on their plane was frank. William abergnail junior a sixteen year old runaway with nothing more than a fake. Id Card and a stolen pilot's uniform. The newest flyer wasn't just a criminal. He was one of America's most notorious con artists..

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