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Princess little bitty island princes that one up the amazon river and you disappeared some boy wanted to take you up and show you the rain forest right i was like a great idea let me go was later kuwait some boy wants to show you is rainforest okay let me switchgear spencer about you things that really impacted you from our family vacations grown up you know to go along with the theme of the weekend of of the birthday celebration no one more than what maybe five or six years ago but we we had a puncture the family member and even pat in brittany cornelia are good family were in that uh we all wanna down mexico together with the marvel in it would go much on having family and and the ability to it'll be at an all inclusive environment like that where everybody the able to relax and it could lose night who the birthday dinner enduring convincing and uh the memory either with that will you know that that will last a lifetime with me you know that was a great experience that was for my birthday that ended with zero in and out really was funds spencer because it was all it is celebration wasn't of life in realising how blessed we are you know my dad died at age fifty so every year that i have had over the age fifty i've truly truly believed that was it's a blessing from god had to be able to spend an extra eur or two or three or in this case fifty with my family and and that is really true andrea second second vacation maybe that stood out your mind you know we will have done some fiery africa that have been mindblowing the he added that the parties that kenya and tanzania in particular that you and i have travelled a lot over the year growing up it seemed like that and i would travel together and mom and spent their what travel together and then we with your family and so on the trip to africa and and you know it is an interesting thing 'cause i missed a lot of all david all growing up for crap and i think that the time on the trip counted more toward education for my life and the.

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