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I'm in the sports world every weekend. And I watch all the colors football. And I am sick and tired of listening to you and all you SEC clowns telling me how great the SEC is. What did Georgia prove to me and everybody else in the country last Saturday? They have to SCC is garbage. What did Georgia do all year long? The defense was spectacular. Number one, the best. But guess what? When they face somebody as good as them, they're garbage. And what does Georgia do all year long? They face garbage, Florida, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, auburn, Mississippi state. I can go on. It's garbage. So quick going on the airport and telling me the FCC is the best coffers with the best coaches. Because you're not. That's why the culture's got farther from the SEC this year because they're not that good. And that's what Georgia proved. Georgia, the SEC's garbage, garbage, okay? I'm not saying that the worst offers that just as good as every other conference. Just don't come on the air and tell me feel the best of all time. Because they're not. They're not. And let me tell you something. Michigan is going to go in. I'm neutral because I'm a packed 12 guy. You're talking check George's ass and Alabama's ask. But let me tell you about Michigan. They're going to run the ball right down Georgia's throat. Write down their throat. So click coming on the airport and telling me and telling everybody else, the SEC has the best players. The best coaches, the best teams, no, they don't Paul. No, they don't, and George approved it. Georgia approved it. Do you agree with just a girl with my comments, Paul? Brian, quick question. There are 5 power 5 conferences. You will agree with me on that, won't you? Absolutely. And two of the two of the power 5 conferences that won the conference, you talk and Michigan could be both Alabama and Georgia and misses going to prove that. But go ahead, sir. No, well, how can you have a conversation? But how could you exactly? How can you make that statement about Utah? Utah, what were you talking about the office of line with dominate, dominate anybody from the SEC? Did you just see the offensive line, the power running game? Utah? Come on, come on, Paul. You've got to watch the pack tour because you're sleeping at 9 30. Now you don't watch the PAC 12. The path told you it's very good. It's one of the best conferences before. But I'm just saying, Paul, who's saying SEC is great because it's not. Florida sucks. Whether I go to bed earlier or not, it's irrelevant. Utah lost to BYU. They lost to San Diego state. And Alabama last year, a form of Texas a and M team that just lost to LSU who sucks. So what's your point? Well, my point is, what's your point? They also lost to Oregon. They also lost a lot of state. Those are I understand that Paul, my point is this. The SEC is not happy. Alabama, Georgia, okay, SEC has Alabama and Georgia and everybody else's garbage. That's just like every other conference. That's just like over the conference call. Brian, I don't need to argue with you, because it really doesn't matter. Because you're wrong. Okay. Do you not convince me that SEC is this great conference? It's not. I don't have to convince you. Could you count? And I'm telling you that they're not. I'm giving you I'm giving you facts, Paul. I'm more concerned about your language and could you have my language? Yeah, could you send me a mail? Because I've got a thesaurus. I want to send you because they're really better words. They're better words for the word. The bottom line is just a long time. I'm worried about how many points of Florida, Florida, give up the sample, not Stanford. Brian, I don't really care about 52 points. That's your SEC defense? Great defense SEC. You have the real good. Brian, you're not good at that, aren't you? I'm sorry, sir? Brian, you're aware of Florida fired its coach. That just tells you how bad the SEC is. They fire the coach at the horrible. Give me a play. Come on, buddy. Look at the fact. The LCC is horrible. Look at auburn. Brian, who's a person. More sapient question for you is this. You say you're in the casinos every week. Yeah, I'm sportsbook. I've been to college football. We can watch everything. I'll watch more cases than you do, Paul. Go ahead. How long how are your earnings this year? Very good. Very good. Very good. Okay, so. I want you to handicap the Alabama Cincinnati game. It's 13 and a half and Georgia. Okay, well, let me get to the Alabama game real quick. Alabama's going to win that game by 35, because since that is a belonging there, that's a shame. It's an outright fraud that sits there. There's 20 teams I can name right now that will go undefeated Cincinnati schedule. When it comes to Michigan Georgia, Michigan is absolutely going to run the ball right down Georgia's throat. Why? Because a defensive line is fat and slow. That's what Alabama get to Georgia. That's what we saw Saturday. The fat and the slope. What does Michigan? Michigan's quick. They're fast. They're going to run the ball right down the throw Paul. So you don't know. You're saying take the 8 outright win, right? I don't need the points. I don't need the points, Paul. I've taken the money line, plus two 55. Michigan wins outright in a landslide. And guess what, Paul, Michigan's going to beat Alabama too in the championship. Michigan's going to be now Obama. Absolutely. The SEC is slow. The fat and the slope. Brian, we need to talk again. Thanks. And by the way, Jim rohm just called he wants and he wants you back on his show. He's sorry, he ran you off a couple years ago. We are going to take a break. We're going to change gears here and talk about something serious like the.

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