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On tuesday for second me tell well he told that's all of from the okay yeah guided education you know when i got my educational mo hitos where not some place by they used to go for on it nice was it is not was cam it was can at at of all places from hotels it was a call the pal a step for the it used to be even okay hope and some guy border does daughters they were stephanie i always say the they've dipped from a and it was the bartender there i interviewed and i got into its occasion amo hitos yeah yeah kind of you whatever's right quad one of our signature cocktails is a multi so what makes him special so we weekly we of a problem blaster from venezuela in rome who works on the team here so he decided enough lot of our kontos honor menu it was particular passion of his so that's why we have quarters on our list well you are yeah is the after that really helped me any time i have been in this hotel and it you know did not the be like some places friday night the place comes to life this places a man house every fight in your bar yeah divisions my phone kept his from about it talk of even it's about two am in the morning is that because people are text me looking for table are looking for three art guaranteed another bring in friends of one of the impressed so three terse to to sunday my form comes alive well and a buddy that's regular hear anybody that we've come across you know no i have my number to text me and calling arms the kids to what's up me any time now yeah that's how it works yeah suite havoc assistant maybe you know i know because i you know and you've got die hard rocky have fate next door so it's theory you would think that would be packed and maybe it is but we have come back from you know from going to some place for dinner are to go into the abby theater are going to be saw the three tener is here at one of the big arenas.

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