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I forget what the name of the medical tornado term is but then she donated her babies to science to that like they can figure out why not nazis yet the whole story was so sad i never watched her seat in the badger but i'm automatically in love with her now me to think that is the most difficult thing i think nobody i have to i think so to be let us but we wish you the best thank you for speaking out yeah 'cause like she could have just moved on with left noone would have ever known well no because if you announce your pregnancy and railroad you don't give birth i guess it's implied but i think a lot like i was watching nashville and character unnatural goes to a similar thing and she speaks out about it because she feels like such shame in the fact that she miscarried and wants other women like to know that it's not your fault revolves no i know but it's so sad it so sad well we wish you all the best twenty twin transfusion syndrome that's what djibouti on last story interesting for people who are interested by this i'm interested by this chandler i'm making new shows for netflix china rhymes the creator popular television shows such as greece anatomy and skin dow and also how to get away with murder which is the only one i've watched of all the goes as much any of the shows burgum denver shunned arrives netflix show yet we'll also because i started watching how to get away with murder anything i much for two seasons like every thursday and was so fucking scary that i always had was meals we early yes i could not take it was so like irri anyways i enjoyed it but then i couldn't keep up with the weektoweek other normal unlike for scripted tv like i don't watch that much just nashville even phones sometimes neat but that's also something i acknowledge and we so for someone like me binge watching how to get away with murder would have been really great for me could have gotten like all the scary and is in one sitting and it wouldn't have to like scare myself once a week.

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