Randy Allah, Dr Burke discussed on Tony Katz and the Morning News


Real you ourselves off there are reasons of you that's getting us all through this right it's a great great disservice sixty four year old guy yourself at any rate mostly cloudy who are you don't look a day over seventy I thought maybe it's a seventy four eighty there I I feel like AT a time here and I'll take care of the jokes today mostly cloudy and cool high temperature right around fifty two tonight will clear it out back down to thirty eight degrees sunshine warmer tomorrow live from sixty two partly sunny mild sixty five on Friday the weekend not bad mainly dry this weekend maybe a few sprinkles on Saturday some sunshine on Sunday in a weekend temperatures into the lower half of the sixties that that's Randy Allah's wish TV Randy thank you forty degrees right now in the American standard heating weather center the time is six oh six and sobering that's the expression you're going to be hearing everywhere every news feed every cable stays on every bit of social media well since before when you hear a doctor Faustian Dr Burke's talk about the numbers again going through the numbers a hundred two hundred and forty thousand people who can die from corona virus those numbers are enough to get you to pay attention as they were yesterday again don time frame again.

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