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Show host I always thought Alex Trebek, Really. Len was the last of the game show host from the Golden era of Game show hosts Bill Cullen. John Charles Daley always liked him on what's my line? Um Gene Rayburn, Peter Marshall and and Alex started out in the seventies. In fact, if you look at some old pictures of Alexi Looks a bit like a porn star from the seventies, big muscles saying, man say God on social media that zits truly a woman say that? Yeah. Yeah, anyway, so they have hired a rotating list of Hosts for jeopardy Now, our buddy and your close friend Katie Couric, Cooperative of I think she'll She'll be very good. I think she'll be very I think she will be what I think Katie has a shot at this. You know, I think she could. Yeah. I mean, it's weird Also, may, um Bilek Bay. Look, I don't really know her. She's the actress. She's being back. Big Bang theory. I think she's on that show. I wonder how they picked her. And also Bill Whitaker from 60 minutes now, Natalie side from Katie. Can. This is not exactly the a list of celebrities to replace Alex Trebek. It doesn't seem like it. I believe I heard that Ken Jennings was going to do it for six weeks. So he's going to be doing for a good chunk of time. And I'm sure they're just Have these for a few days here and there. I don't know. I don't if they're waiting for next season to present what their thoughts are, I have no idea. Natalie, you watch the show daily Ken Jennings doing it was good. I watched the whole game yesterday. I like Ken Jennings. I like his personality is not warm. Though. He's not a world he is now much charisma. A nerd. That's why he's a nerd, but it's jeopardy. Foreigners. All right. So I frankly feel that I should have a shot at this. Okay? Sure. Who doesn't? I've no I always wanted to be a game show host. Okay, so I'm gonna Here's what? Let's pretend that I'm auditioning and I'm gonna I'm gonna ask you guys jeopardy questions as if I were the host of jeopardy. All right. So do you have your hands on your buzzers? Guys? Joke out of a buzzer. Ready? Good. Yeah, Yeah, yeah. Okay, Here we go. Daily double His line was built after World War one to defend against an attack from Germany. I'm working with you. Really? Look at who you're playing with my badge that imagine Allied World War wine, But you wouldn't know a my right. You did. You all right? Yes, of course. Of course I'm right. The Maginot Line who doesn't know that? All right. Are you ready? Ready. This 1995 smash was inspired by the Pixar Short Film Tin Toy Story. I'm always right. Man. We got a first already. What? This point boy? Know what is Choi story pleaded asked in the form of a question. Okay, Ready? Here we go. I'm doing very well with this. Oh, you do a great bike. Great. Hey, hold on. Let me let me get my game Show host voice here. We owe some algae have been classified in this kingdom. Neither fully plant nor animal. What is? Ah, well, what if I'm going to see? I don't know. What is that? What's another word for? C C Can? No, I'm sorry. No Lebanese. I'm no Joe. I'm sorry. What are pro Teesta or protests? All right. What'd you get? Question is you got a sports question there. At his 2000 and 18 funeral. His son said he was quote the brightest off 1000 points of light. Who George Sr. Yeah, It's probably a joke. It's George H W. George Herbert Walker Bush. I said George Bush Sr. Why does Joe get it? Full name? Full name? Full name? No, no, Joe Joe, you don't By the way, I think you're a pretty boring host. You exactly know your no. Yeah. No, This is no time. I'm tuning out sleeping. Sorry. I'll give you a last question. You I'll give you Wait. I'll give you the last question who will sing the national anthem at Joe Biden's inauguration? Who's Lady Gaga? Who is Lady Gaga? And, of course, the current president, a big fan of Lady guy. He's got Lady Gaga Lady got God. Is not to win, but I could tell you but the stories I could tell you stories about lady got guys are a lot of stories about lady got God, Jobe. Every time I see him, he kisses my ass. We're gonna miss him. We're gonna best body and lady gaga also J Lo's gonna perform so they great. All right, Here you go. Ready my last chance of being the host of Jeopardy Who Will be delivering the news at 7 30. On our show. Who is Noam Laden? I know that's what you want Lin, but you're going to get me all right. Joan News already. President. Trump says he doesn't want any violence. With fears growing about extremist groups targeting the capital again, the president is trying to lower the temperature supporter of mine could ever threaten or harass their fellow Americans. If you do any of these things, you are not supporting our movement. You're attacking it and you are attacking our country. That's wow. Very well. That's that's real stuff. Real presidential. The president condemned the attack last week of the capital and said the violence must stop that came right after he was impeached by the House for the second time. The first president ever to be impeached twice 10 Republicans breaking ranks and joining the Democrats in voting in favor of this, but unlikely that this thing is going to go any farther than the first one. Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell says the trial won't take place until after the president leaves office. Big question then is Can you even do it? Made of glass. You says the city needs more doses of Corona virus vaccine, he says. Right now they're on pace to run out. The middle of next week. What we need we need the federal government, the state government and the manufacturers to step up and get us more supply immediately. All right. The mayor says Vaccine appointments are already booked through next week, and he's asking people to be patient. Well, pretty soon, we may say Mayor Yang. How about that? Andrew Yang wants to be mayor of New York City. This follows his failed presidential campaign, where he guaranteed income. Seo Every American and he's going to do the same. Yeah, for New York is his plan is $5000 a year to about a half A million New Yorkers. I'm sure your women that half million if I'm there, I'm an angry young man all the way. Let's go. You can go on. I understand that. Okay? Okay back to back to the impeachment. This had to be intentional. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was dressed exactly the same way yesterday. She was doing. President Trump's first impeachment she was in a knee high length black sheath dress is gonna look like a smoke three quarter length sleeves. And she also had a gold beaded necklace again. The only difference her mask That's right, huh? Stop, you know she has labels in their closet. She has inauguration outfits State of the Union and impeachment. So I just went to the impeachment. The icon. The funny thing with her is she's has that weird speech impediment anyway. But when you put the mascot that makes it worse again. Oh, let's make fun stuff. You like making fun of somebody who has a speech, but I bet there's some solid humor E. But here's for her the first time the outfit Exactly. I mean, if I for example, when I was coaching soccer if my team lost, I wouldn't wear the same hat again. I changed my house. I'm not gonna wear that hat next game. But if they want to keep wearing it, so it didn't work out with her first dress, and it's not gonna work out with this one. So anyway. Well, wait a second. He got impeached Both times, so worked out twice..

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