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And consultants who raised serious concerns right because for for years they were essentially research and development but then they approached walgreens in it enters a new a new sphere but there were scientists and consultants who raised concerns chicago where where walgreens is headquartered and he started you know asking uncomfortable questions and suggesting that they do a comparison study with stanford which elizabeth refused to do he suggested that his firm collaborate in bed someone at theranos in palo alto for period leading up to the to the pilot going live elizabeth also turned him down on that score the first visit was an august two thousand ten that he made to to their offices in palo alto and one of the things that he was explicitly scheduled to do there was to visit the lab which elizabeth had represented the theranos was commercially ready and and he asked about seeing the lab several times while he was there but she she said that in the end she wasn't ready to show it to them he had also asked that his blood and walgreens executives blood be tested with theranos system that they get their results back and then he was going to go with the walgreens executives to stanford medical school and get retested and compare the results and they wouldn't test their blood either and instead of doing that they took the walgreens executives and hunter to a a sushi place in palo alto and and sort of had this cloak and dagger approach where they may everyone leave their their nose offices at staggered intervals and then once they got to this restaurant in the middle of the afternoon no one could use names and it was supposedly not to attract the attention but meanwhile no one was in the restaurant and sunny elizabeth's boyfriend had brought his lamborghini so if there's anything that was conflictwracked attention it was his lamb very inconspicuous in the parking lot and and hunter was immediately on his guards he thought this stuff was silly and he smelled a rat and he tried to alert walgreens executives to suspicions and amazingly the walgreens executives brushed him brushed him off and the reason they did so after a while is that elizabeth and sunny asked that hunter be excluded from the meetings and from these video conference calls they had remarkable and the walgreens executives amazingly agreed to do.

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