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Large armoire had fallen over and blocked the entrance. They found John Sheridan's body under the armoire. He was stabbed and badly burned. The door blocked by the armoire would become a crucial detail for the detectives because if there was an intruder, how did that person get out? We're gonna need our rehabbing. Then they removed the body of Joyce Sheridan, who was lying on the floor by the bed. The firefighter who carried her out was covered in blood. We still working on the bar. From WNYC in New York, this is on the media. I'm Brooke gladstone. This week, how the efforts of a gumshoe reporter sometimes can maybe lead to change. Nancy Solomon is a longtime colleague in a reporter for OTM producing station WNYC in her new podcast dead end, a New Jersey political murder mystery. She tells the story of the death of a prominent couple in New Jersey, so it's a true crime cold case investigation. It's also a deep dive into the inner workings of how local politics work and don't. In the garden state. Nancy will take it from here. I live in New Jersey. And cover the state for WNYC. And that's almost a full-time political corruption beat. John Sheridan was connected to some of the most powerful politicians and movers and shakers in the state. And that was enough to make me follow every detail of this story. I was one of the first from the crime scene unit

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