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To force companies and workers into situations that they don't want. They'll find alternatives. And the over lift people with a lot of money because they get it mostly from capital raised. Not exactly making profits. They've got proper 22 past. People voted on it. It was out there, right? It carved out attention. It's you know, it's not the government's business how companies organized themselves. It's It's not these Thies. This crowd wants the government. To dictate to business how to operate. Which, of course, destroys economies. We've already seen what happened in the Soviet Union and in Cuba and in Venezuela. This experiment has been tried over and over and over again in the last 100 years, and it's repeatedly failed. It's not a system. That humans consecutive in successfully operated. It's not. It just doesn't work. What does work is when people have the incentive to make his much money. It's possible. You have competition and you have freedom. The best products and the best services win. Sometimes people win really, really big. But that's Z part of it that you have to live with. E. If I hear like one more person Complain about Jeff Bezos or Apple or Mark Zucker Burg. I'm gonna I'm gonna wring their necks. It's like it's like You don't want to pull everything out of your pockets. Oh, look at that. You have an apple phone, don't you? Oh, look at that. You have an apple laptop. Oh, you have an apple iPad. Oh, you have an apple. Watch on G. Why is apple so wealthy? Oh, let me see the APS on your phone. Look at that. You got a Facebook app. You got an instagram map? Oh, what do you think? My Mark Zucker Burg has all this money. Let me see her Amazon app. You've bought 32 things in the last month off Amazon G. Why is Jeff Bezos worth 200 billion It's you. You keep turning your money over to these people, and then you walk around bitching about it. I can't stand these billionaires. I can't believe all the money they have. They've got your money because you willingly gave it to them. You don't didn't one of those dopey columnist we talked about last year do the same thing. Why do I keep going and buying things from Amazon and only adding to the large capitalist problem? Because you're an idiot. That's why Me. I have no choice. They dominate B. I don't care. I I order on Amazon because I'll get my stuff sometimes the same day. I don't care if just Jeff Bezos ends up with a couple of nickels out of my purchase of cares. He thought of the idea. I didn't Good idea, So I use it. But these people go around wringing their hands and moping. Oh, there's such idiots. All right. When we come back, a couple of guys who believe in some conspiracy theories got into some trouble. We'll talk about it. John and Ken K. A fine Deborah Marquez,.

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