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Starting a jimmy kimmel matt damon style feud with frazier as the pits. Finally maybe are getting some national media. Respect afc richmond. Are celebrating christmas in august american abroad. Twitter is buzzing over the new phenomenon. And no. I'm not talking about joe. Scally making his debut gladbach. I'm of course referring to tim. Reeves twitter game. I'm joined now by my favorite kosher eating gunar rabbi market man. He had to bring up arsenal after the week. That we've had How's it going good to hear you. You know you're you're opening intros become more and more esoteric as years. Go on and i'm getting to the point where i mean you know. I'm a pretty big shocker junkie. I'm starting to feel like. I'm less of a soccer junkie though in some of our listeners which is good just because i have currently one and a half fulltime jobs not counting soccer photography and writing but You know some of the references that you throw in there dude. Like i'm not even. I can barely keep up i. I can only keep up with the latest news from messy and a piece of news that we work in a in the banter with Which i just saw the carli. Lloyd is retiring. She announced that she's going to be retiring at the end of the gotham messy season. So there's there's what to banter about that doesn't even make it onto your super esoterica reference lists will i would say mark. I am increasingly You know a lot of what we do on this podcast folks. I have to admit is inspired by or straight up stolen from other entities and other people who do things you know the me finishing my intro with the i'm joined now by a man is a play to the old t. s. intro. When deal grove rest in power would would've been then introducing his co host rockwell. And this'll be tried to pull other things increasingly mark. I've been consuming media and watching shows that like to be semi and semi educational in a. Let's throw in something there..

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