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Process and perhaps the arbitration process because let's face it uh and be very candid about this the interest a is have to develop award it leave them uh acceptable for sure future engagement right uh so you often do not see radical result in terms of change in interest operation at at of the conuslate it on allow collective bargaining on health insurance or pension because uh those items for the best way to coarsely you and they don't want a chance uh negative outcome in arbitration it sounds to me almost like a an appraiser relationship that we the people used to have an appraiser relationship with the appraisers downs illegal now but they'll mortgage guys would get to know one appraiser say i need this the come in at two hundred eighty thousand dollars this house can what can you do for me you wanna please these guys are the usual over again uh it's kind of a similar situation with the with with the arbitrators if there if they are if the take one side off too much they won't be agreed upon correct i think that that is uh a fairly accurate assessment uh i will say however that there are some uh very ethical and competent interest arbitrate is but uh having served in the capacity of a partial abu trader and participated in the deliberations i sometimes uh noticed that there is a a weakness to follow the evident unlike a trial drug uh that has a lifetime appointment an increased arbitrator must rely on acceptability uh if he or she seven it'd be engaged again uh so they don't have necessarily the intellectual whoa freedom uh to render decision uh such as a a judge would in this specific case the goat the governor's veto the bill at the behest of the mayors and town administrators who who were basically foaming at the mouth of this would make their lives more difficult can you give me an example of what they mean tell me give me give me a you know boot offer top year head scenario that would be likely to occur occur um that you'll their worst nightmare if you will kind of describe it to me if if that bills to pass well if you look at fit your way finns where uh impasse takes place and you then proceed to interest opera tracing and let's assume that a.

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