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The, bottling, story sounds like a. Farce except it's not it's, real These things. Are happening Making this up The quarterback on the football team at the university of zuri drew lock is now the latest to apologize, for offensive tweets that he put out He sent them when he, was in middle school I newspaper in Missouri The Columbia daily Tribune Went back and checked the social media accounts of. Lock who is. Now I college quarterback they went back six years. And they found tweets he made what he. Was in middle school Some. Of which could be said to be offensive Our read, one of, them and clean up the offensive word ha kids and then an f. word that, some people use as a derogatory term toward gays Another one could Geico really save, you fifteen percents on car insurance. Do and then a specific race like flaming hot Cheetos you, get the, oppression here that gotta give you much more here but they were obviously racist dead Homophobic at other inappropriate comments, the kid was in middle school When Josh haters tweets around covered I. Recall ratings how far, back, are we gonna go middle. School the answer is clearly yes Drew lock the, quarterback is apologizing saying I was. A kid etc etc etc now I don't think this is going to dog him the way say Josh hitters are going to there's going to be sub level at which, the public is going to show some sanity in terms of how. It reacts to this.

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