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The driver who remained on the scene told a witness. She didn't see the woman due to the sun's glare the man walking with the woman was not injured. Police say the driver is cooperating with their investigation. No charges have been filed. We'll continue to follow this story throughout the evening here on WBZ. Coming up preview of the president's state of the union address. Six thirty three time for check. I traffic and weather. The Subaru retailers have to even the all wheel drive traffic on the threes. Still a headache out there? Mike on the expressway. Here. Josh southbound stress inching along from the O'Neill tunnel. Most of the way down to the Braintree split looks like you move a little better down towards the gas tank. That's about it. Northbound is jammed up passing over an opponent's at circle and then approaching the tunnel delays on one twenty eight southbound reach from route one zero nine and Dedham down into canton. Northbound's locked up from the expressway up to twenty four boy, a tough go on the mass turnpike here. Westbound jammed up from the Pru tunnel downtown pretty much right out through Natick. And then it's locked up through Milbury in Auburn as a crash cleanup on the exit for two ninety continues up to the north four ninety five north is backing up quickly through Lawrence just getting word of a crash after the double decker bridge. One. Twenty eight southbound jammed up in Burlington with a crash shortly after route three route three northbound backed up from one twenty eight a pass concord road and delays on ninety three north continue from. Achim bridge up through Medford a quick look downtown shows the lower deck's back there park. The Leverett Connector's all filled. An Storrow drive is back near massive Mike king WBZ's traffic on the threes. Taking a look at the forecast. Clear tonight. Twenty four in the.

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