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Yeah. I would think they'd have access to all these. I think. I think the key is that we're going to get all these what julie style said before. They fired him We're gonna get all these. Eventually i think is the word right. Yeah because you know. I mean i understand. It takes a certain amount of time to get all these two to clear to ec wsb case to wipe out the original music. But they don't have the rights for But yeah it's it's i know it's a it's a time consuming process. I get upset. When i their stuff that i know they have because it was on it was on when they did. W w twenty four seven and we haven't seen it yet. There's plenty of old stuff from plenty of old stuff from the garden in the spectrum from back in the day that were that are there that we're still waiting on and I think there's enough stuff that they can be uploading pretty much forever right. Well you know maybe maybe that's the strategy you know maybe time it out I know with ring of honor's ringside membership. We do have quite a bit We have all the shows and then We kind of stagger out some of the other older things just re added o. H. goes ultraviolet which is pretty cool. You become a ringside member and get discount on that So we we kinda stagger things in a way that you can't see everything at once but You know. I'm wondering if that's the same thing. Maybe so they don't burn out there viewers. Because if i took a week off from work i would probably just sit home and watch you know i only watch the network and watch the ringside membership stuff and just veg out. So i could blue rally hundred hours of this stuff and no problem. I'm married. I can't do that anymore but i i get the i understand. I understand completely all right. Five one five six five nine three four five we also Let's see we also didn't really get the get to talk much about be shows now east w they would do shows and they would. They would sort of stagger who got left off the The house shows so you'd get to see you know maybe so maybe two or three of the would you consider the top guys wouldn't make it and i mean that and the fact that they weren't running seven days a week is how they managed to keep the tally somewhat fresh. Because that's a that was a very High impact style there Do remember but any Do any wwf. Wcw shows where you got to see you know not necessarily hulk hogan stand up i. Yeah so the the big one that comes to mind I went to. Alan allentown fairgrounds in nineteen ninety. One and this was after they had stopped taping. Tv there This this was the very famous ag hall though and they actually did a did an outdoor show at the fairgrounds and it was It was big boss man and The mountie steel cage and all right. That was actually an awesome really match. But i remember. I was really confused and disappointed. Because i have the results up and i remember there being so many switches and things like that. So they had announced cocoa. Beware versus paul roma and paul roma this september. And so paul. Roma had just left so it became koby. Wherever's is the brooklyn brawler and then it was supposed to be. Irs versus jim knight heart They did a thing where jim knight heart had then figuring ford to death by ric flair on tv So incontinence continuity about continuity yeah irs versus tony atlas. Who had been gone for a good nine months by that point And then i got to see the rare combination of the new rockers. Mardi janetti jim powers Shane douglas had been filling in. But we got jim powers Versus pat tanaka and colonel mustafa and then we also all right. Yeah we're supposed to. Jim duggan vs sid justice. I remember being pumped about sid But he got switched out four typhoons and so we a we got a very interesting card That was my first ever. wwf show. Yeah some of the other big cards. I i'd seen In two thousand one. I went to see a wwf. Show at state where arena or at. We've two thousand two rather and there was a fella named ross mcculloch and is the first and only time i'd seen him. He was a seven footer face. Tommy dreamer i think he'd beat tommy dreamer and i'm just a very cool presence. You know. legit seven foot guy But i be just kind of came and went so be shows. Were kinda neat. Because you know the wrestling nerd. I kind of go through results and you'll see russ mcculloch kind of pop up and you know here today. Gone tomorrow Kind of thing and you kind of wonder you know why you know why they were there while they weren't you know in the eighties. Brickhouse brown was a guy that seemed to pop up on. Wwf shows all the time But he was always kind of a mainstay somewhere else so. It's always interesting to see things like that. I'm looking through Looking through the first show. I remember capital center landover maryland july twenty seventh nineteen ninety Quite the the main event Hacksaw jim duggan and tugboat defeated earthquake and dino bravo that. Because you know duggan and tugboat we're trying to the injury to coke and you'll recall that one. Yes the match. That i remember enjoying a lot was Demolition beating the hart foundation long match the ability at ringside for smash crush that end the big boston and db aussie. That's that's good now. The rest of the show The african dream akeem defeating pez wildly. Yeah Paul paul roma feeding paul. Diamond nothing roads a rare appearance for him. this is before he actually debuted on wwf tv defeated playboy buddy rose and the warlord overstaying houston..

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