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Any number of of regulars that You know so. Look forward to coming down to south florida to spend you know. Spend the season and even if they just You know have to play from home. And and you know. Play from their patio or poolside. You know casually get to come over for horses of their own that run and and so forth Everybody'll everybody will make do i mean The the industry has done an amazing job. Making do you know really. Since this whole thing began one thing gosford park really ran through the worst of it. And we set our protocols so strong so tight We didn't miss a day from start to finish so our hr department health and safety department even the horsemen. Everybody stood together and we got the job done. Well there was. There was some very anxious. I if people don't remember i mean the in march when this thing you know really raised. Its its horry ed. There was real nerve wracking element to weather. The you're gonna get florida derby day. And i i remember that being a a real touching go scenario. Yeah that's exactly right and it's a shame. The fans get experience experience on track. The card for florida derby day was extraordinary and it was something to see manny franko. Jump off the his law and have no clapping. No cheering it was. It was different to say the least no doubt Speaking different mike and mike lake. How with us. Opening day gulfstream the familiar faces of course with With jason and ron nicoletti and acacia courtney back after her Extended stay in new york Looking forward to The you know the presentation On on a regular basis in terms of betting menu and any any nuances or pretty much things. Pick up where they left off There is a change The five six minute drag between post time and leaving. The gate is no longer so post times. It's gonna be basically when they're going in the game so the public postages you you guys are gonna commit to really holding barring obviously shoes. Yeah we'll take some time But you know we're going to try this and i think it's gonna work. Well that will be well received by players. The that's that's to be commended. Excellent mike i would love to say. I'll see you xyz soon but i just you know. I don't know yet i was talking to. I was talking to hammer in fact The other day about jape ribbon about you know setting up a schedule and just not knowing you know how freely to travel a. It's a went to derby went to breeders cup but it it it does feel like Everybody's gonna try to say shelter in place again but The very cautious right now and and you know we can certainly follow things from afar. We have to be cautious. But again it will change. Hopefully sooner than later well Having gulfstream back adds to you know a lot of interest and pleasure and mike best wishes to everybody for a a safe successful season. And the don't talk between now and first of the year best wishes and happy holidays to see so. Thanks not at all great lake. How everybody and there's a little there was a little bit of a of a nice Tidbit those published Those published post times and start the meat. Anyway they're they're pretty much on the evens they're right on the top and the bottom of the hour like today. Twelve thirty five one. Oh three one thirty one. Two o'clock two thirty et cetera. That's great we'll stay here. And ed derosa is gonna join us and in fact. Ed is joining us at good morning. Good morning. how was your thanksgiving Wonderful low key. That was that was my day away from the track is good to be at home with the family and just Actually have a full day off nights. I get away get away. I don't it's funny. I don't i i'm just thinking about some of your your social media stuff. I don't know if i've seen a picture of your dog So we have a miniature dachshund and then. My mom helped out with ej this.

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