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Excitement is ahead the la county fair enough close. Alaminos opening day is friday. September ten sirius. Xm forts raises with steve. Big raising becoming ater. This is steve. Four back second half on this tuesday and might have been might have been a late night for for bill. Gallo bill. Were you at the met gala. Last night i go to a lot of things like that but now i missed out on that one. Yeah it's it's been a it's been kind of a in your face Recap on twitter of the fashion show at the at the met gala last night was i didn't even know it was going to be And woke up. The cycle. Gorka early this morning and i was like. Oh my god just full-frontal assault how you doing good. I'm i'm not happy. I i'm not happy about the scheduling situation. The bill i you know it's thursday is is kapoor.

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