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So we're hoping the hoping he runs a big one. That's great insight into the way that you think about things on the breeding side of the business that Ben horse players. Wouldn't even necessarily occur to them that put your horse player had on. Sean where where you're outside of your, putting your horse aside, what is your view on this year's Travers? Well, I pure handicapping and then I have history to kind of go back on and and for me, I'm gonna try to be good magic here. It's, you know, over over the over the years, going from the hassles, Travers has been very difficult has to ask of horses, and it hasn't been always the the most positive move. So in that form, I'm going to try to beat the horse, which I think he he go off, you know, sixty five. I don't think goes off even money by any means, but we definitely be heavy favourite. I'm gonna draw lines, Jim dandy rates. I wasn't impressed by that race. The number came Hoffer the day before one hundred. One of the Jim. Danny came back around ninety four kind of blanket finish being Royal, came running late, which he likes to every once in a while. So that's not that's gonna try us as race to to use against. I keep falling on on about two horses, and I really think Philly's doing as good as any horse in the race. She's proven over the distance. She gets. Break leading jock on or bullet work last time out. I'm all over the Philly, but I'm also applies on king Zachary. He's a horse that I was at the met win, and it was like a wild performance like who was that in each showing a lot of town throughout string had a little bit of of unlucky races. I don't know if you saw during during the the post position, draw Romans attributed his Indiana derby to bleeding, so you'd never bled his life, but he blood in that race and that's why didn't run well and ever since he's gotten Saratoga, you can see that work pattern that cool air up there hasn't doing well. So if he can, you know, return to that Matt win performance. He's by curling out of giant's causeway you'll have every ability to get the distance. I think the pace and they're probably sets up well for him. So I'm gonna go wonder, Godot king Zachary and see my my rolling down the lane. I like it. I wanna touch base on a couple other horses in here just while we got some time..

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