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He's got a camera crew, following him. He stops and talks to me for five minutes the most energetic conversation I had in a long time and then he's off to like, do as next thing. And you know he, he's, he's one of those guys that just his work ethic is so incredible that doing, you know, coldest balls, which is awesome. Awesome series issue. It's it's fun. You know, whenever you get a chance to kind of sit down and have a conversation, even though it's obviously being recorded. But at the same time, you actually are having a real conversation. You also do get to rip a little bit and and have these bits and that's still in. I'm I haven't seen Djirak. I'm Michael, but I'm gonna look for his for his HBO special. And you said, when is comedy by Blake, just for people that may be interested in go on or if it'll be September, thirteenth, Thursday, September, thirteenth, it'll be a live show, have five different comedians. And like I said, mixed mixed with some sketches and then you know, they'll be a little little after party and all that. So you know something I look forward to and Lefort doing for a long long time CJ the reason Blake's comedy works so well is that unlike you, he self deprecating, he says, things like he's a big dump soup at athlete. He did the last actor. He killed it. CJ doesn't have the self deprecating humor. That's why you can't do comedy. Like the only time I make the airwaves as when I when I speak facts about certain situation, it hard people judge me and say, I'm a hater. As athletes. I think people always kind of look at us like, all right. Like what? What can you say that's actually like funny and, and I think you you make people appreciate you as a real person because you know you and I get to sit down and have a very real conversation or talk whenever we talk. But you know, a lot of people don't get to see us in that sense. I mean, people do with this podcast with you use such a great job with that. It gives people look at who you really are, but a lot of people don't a lot. A lot of guys don't get that opportunity. So for me, I think comedy is kind of that way of showing people, you know who I am and the things that I like. I think he, I think he a good job. I've seen some of the cliffs in delivery. You deliver his right, and then you sometimes you keep a straight face and it makes it a little. It makes it funnier. Appreciate it. Appreciate it. We were just talking about college basketball, so we won't keep you too much longer, but there's a couple of questions I had asked you. Watching college basketball, the way the game is changing. Obviously the the blaze, implement certain rules now, and I think they should be paid, but that's, that's a whole nother argument. The do Buddha have been on TV to last week and a half. They've been showing players, Jay, baron, zion's, Williamson, Williamson, I only watch college basketball because I'm so far removed from it, but this do dunk from the free throw line in everything. So we were having a discussion about how his game translates to the NBA. Have you have you been able to watch any of him and what do you think of his game? I didn't. I really only seen my highlights of his game, but I have asked some people, you know, my college coach, Jeff cable who's now hit. You just took the head job at Pittsburgh went back and he was a system at Duke for came and I don't even know how many last year's but I, you know, I kinda always ask him about guys, you know, they're gonna on the high school level that he likes and stuff. And the thing he. Said about Zion is that he's much better basketball player than people give him credit for. And the reason you don't see that is because you know if he's going down four or five highlight dunks the game, nobody's gonna put him, you know, dribble drive and setting up with teammate and the coin for a corner three. You know what I mean?.

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