Brian Murphy, Fifteen Years, Six J discussed on Tolbert and Lund


Is Brian Murphy Hey everybody is August thirteenth in giants history we're gonna go back fifteen years to a magical day for JT snow he's gonna go off in Philadelphia it was brand new citizens bank park in Philadelphia they moved out of the vat to a little bit more of an intimate park N. J. T. snow is gonna take advantage because after six innings gently fourteen to five that hit home runs by AJ Brzezinski yeah and marquise Grissom and then J. T. snow had a two run Homer in the first in a solo shot in the fifth guess what you're not done we pick up backs in the seventh inning amori Telemark is pitching for Philadelphia and here's JT snow here's a bit should still crashes one deep right field J. T. snow and he bullet or a bad thing snowed deep into the night in right center field and JT snow is gone deep three times and the giants now lead fifteen to five listen to that young Dave Flemming on the call and have an F. three Homer day for JT snow in Philadelphia okay bonds would add another one two batters later giants it's six homers in the game they win sixteen to six J. T.'s run three for four three homers four RBIs five runs scored all on August thirteenth twenty oh four and there's been Brian Murphy with fists date in giants history time now for a quick check on other game so let's go places with the Toyota out of town scoreboard will the Orioles at Yankee Stadium tonight taken on the Yankees and it is seven one bombers the end of the fourth inning in that one red cent nationals going in DC in DC of the nationals up three nothing a cubs and Phillies it's a one one game tops six at citizens bank park in Philadelphia Rangers and blue jays under way in Toronto at the Rogers centre in Toronto off to the one nothing start and that one Boston on the road at progressive field taken on the Indians to one red Sox tops six in that one mariners and Tigers under way at Comerica for three Detroit that ones in the bottom of the fourth now the Dodgers are in Florida taken on the Marlins in LA once again on top of four one Dodgers bottom five Mets and Braves in Atlanta three one Atlanta that one of the top of the fourth inning twins and brewers going in Miller park in Milwaukee No score yet in that game that came in the top of the second inning cardinals and Royals the battle of I seventy in Kansas city at Kauffman stadium in Saint Louis is struck first there on top one nothing white socks with the six two lost at home on the south side to the Astros in game one of the double header game two of the double header of course coming up and also tonight in the schedule Diamondbacks take on the Rockies that one in Denver of course the giants today's at at oracle park the pirates taking on the angels in southern California any of the the Tampa Bay rays at petco taking on the San Diego Padres.

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