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This field elijah. There's been a lot of interest about cova and and how it could affect the heart. Is there an association between viruses like kovin and heart rhythms is. It's been hard to necessarily tease out. Whether there is a direct effect of kovin on the risk for rhythm problems in the heart that probably is a small effect from that point of view. Nothing much of it is relations where the covert is directly affecting the heart. Stay by inflaming. The off causing market itis which is respects recognized is still quite read will whether it's direct damage. The heart is a consequence of some of the damage to the small blood vessels that supply the heart which is consequences some of the code infection. And so really. It's it's it's a consequence of the effects. Kuban has on the hop muscle that may then stimulate rhythm problems either. The time of the curved infection or if there's being Significant damage the heart muscle because of a severe cova infection than maybe residual risk for that person as they recover from cocoa the part of the long coat complex but most of the obsequious effects of rhythm problems are in the people who seriously ill in hospital intensive can and part of a general illness and thankfully result. Once the illnesses treated lij. It sounds. There's a great deal of disparity between whether a heart rhythm is innocent or not significant in whether it might be emergent. How would an individual no that. They should be seen immediately for a cardiac arrhythmia. Think there was some red flags really on the red flag so based on symptoms on oil maybe on the background that goes if a symptom is serious so southern collapsed or loss of consciousness. I mean that's immediate attentive to emergency department likewise if one's having palpitations to the hawk racing away unexpectedly and associated dizziness lightheadedness. Another reason to get emergency department straight away. I'm calling an ambulance as required things. That may be a little bit more amenable to being assessed as outpatient comings and goings of allegations of making somebody feel while particularly that could then be assessed outside of the hospital in diagnostic clinic for example of the other things that may warning. Somebody's if they get chest with allegations as well. Because i may also be a sign of the associated risk. Certain chest. pain is ongoing sugar again as emergency to the To the emergency the all the other thing. That's a red flag in bitchy. Young patients is if there's a family. History of consented so accepting that person may not have any instrument problems themselves already if they know that there's a family history of somebody at a young age having had a premature sub death or if there's a family history of inherited heart problems then that may flag up. There is a potential risk if somebody's having symptoms may actually just need screening from the point of view of preventing risk before It's certainly not something to ignore if it's ongoing issue it sounds like of course snap and it's very straightforward to investigate. It's very straightforward to reassure when things all benign treatable and overseas. I said we have treatments. That confront risks her life and can maintain quality of life of.

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