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Fingerprint card system in place where people apply. They run a background check, including fingerprints to make sure they are who they say they are. They haven't been in trouble before. A guy named Brett Brett James Smith, that is his new name. Smith. Very original, has been arrested and convicted and has done time in other states during the process of a special exemption for a fingerprint card. DPS found out who he really is had said they would not issue the card. We had director Heston sober on the colonel from a DPS last week, and during that interview was talking about this man. We have a listener named Kim Emailed me on the Fourth of July, said that this guy was tutoring her son just to thank us for covering the story. I've asked her to join us, and she is with us. Now, First of all, Kim, This is gonna be a nightmare for any parent to find this out, right? Absolutely. When you Ah, you so you heard us talking about this. You recognize the name that motivated you to start asking your son if anything was going on? Actually, it was Friday night at midnight, and I was scrolling through Facebook and almost like happened late and somebody had shared your story and one of the local community groups. And so I, You know, I clicked on it and not ever dreaming that it was my tutor. And you know, immediately, you know, freaked out, started researching what my husband at I could not believe this was happening. And yeah, and then immediately talk to my son when he woke up in the morning, and we had the police here by 8:30 a.m. Now. Fortunately when he wasn't appropriate with your son, but not nearly to the extent of what it could have been Correct. He had been touching my son under his clothing on his back. And I asked my son to show me, you know. Has he ever touched you? Where did he touch you? And he showed me And I said, you know what was that one time? When was it? It was nearly every every session. How old is your son? He's 11 and he all of the sessions took place at our dining room table. You know, while we were home is very brazen. So you reached out to the police and Ah, was the sheriff's office. Correct? Correct. We live on County Island in Chandler. And so we are under a miracle, the county Sheriff's office jurisdiction and what happened. Where is that case right now? So they came over. They interviewed my son on and basically said, Sorry. It's not a crime, and I I wasn't satisfied with that. So I also had another mom who had been going through this as foul. She had spoken with the detective or not, Detective but an officer at Chandler P. D. And so I called him. He told me that you know they were taking pills. But Once I started digging deeper into all of the court documents. I could see that challenge PT and a city of Gemma. It had communication with him and knew all of this going on since 2018 and that was the point of that. I am not stopping emailing calling. So I've been talking again checked with the mayor, chief of please. Anyone who would listen, and now I feel like it's getting off on very relieved. Did you break off all communication with him? Or did you have a conversation with him after you found this out? So I had hoped that I would. You know, I didn't want him to know that we do because I had hoped that place would change their mind and maybe use our procession has that kind of help from him? But unfortunately they didn't want to do that. They told me it was okay to fire him and all that, and I still was holding out Hope and then Sunday morning to Detective Lee and said That he was going on a long road trip. We had the opportunity to take up with a friend who was in Paris for the Fourth of July, and he always more on vacation next week. So he said, you know, Will do many sessions at you as you want the following week, and so I just still holding out hope that we could nab him that some point, But I just said, OK, we'll touch base when I get back from my vacation, and that's where it was left..

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