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The rich Eisen show is on the air. Marlin MAC of the colts calling in shortly. Here is he's getting set to take on the Kansas City Chiefs who can either be one and done or Pat Mahomes does something that only to other quarterbacks in this year's playoff field coming into the two thousand eighteen postseason of done before. And that's when their first ever career playoff game only Brady and Russell Wilson of the current. Crop of twelve quarterbacks that came into this playoffs. Either a veteran or in their first foray trying to win a playoff game. Pat, Mahomes is trying to join only Russell Wilson Tom Brady and this year's playoff field to win his first career playoff game. And then they would host the AFC championship game against either. The patriots or the guest at the top of our number two of this show Keenan Allen who let us know that his wife due date of their third child their first masculine child is in two days. They were going for a walk. I guess to induce labor. It seems my gosh got that guy to get that kid out. That's nuts. You know, things are worrying about layoffs. Don't anew ING, honest with you again, like I told you when when your lovely your intended, your spouse, your life partner is pregnant and she wants it to be over. It's it's not fun because you can't control anything as you know, you wanna do whatever you can for for your mother of your child. We say we made sure that Taylor KMart our daughter before the playing season are move. I mean, that's what we did. You know, let me messing dedicated professionals. What are basically all? Dedicated professional. Eight four four two four riches, the number dollar, very nice chat with Halle, Joel Osborne. Who's back on this program diehard, Los Angeles sports fan, with the exception of the New York football giants about that. He's in who lose future, man. And also extremely wicked shockingly evil in vile, which is going to be hitting Sundance film festival later this month starring Zach Ephron is Ted Bundy everybody. Wow, there you have it so Bryce heart. There's no Bryce Harper news for haven't seen any for Haley yet. Right. There's some Knicks news though, gosh, do I wanna not sure. Well, I'm no you don't but Spurs reportedly significant interest in acquiring porzingas. Horsing is no way. No way. They could be interested. All they want. Bryce, Harper's meeting the Phillies Saturday in Las Vegas. Good to know. All that. I'm glad the Spurs. You know, I'm interested in porzingas. I'm interested in are you interested in porzingas? I guess. You interested in interesting. We're all interested. Don't get me started. Because more Marlin max on the phone on the phone line. Proud of south Florida Marlin MAC now of the Indianapolis Colts ease the first colts player with a rushing touchdown or more and five or more consecutive games including playoffs since edging James. Did it in a six game stretch in two thousand and five? So he's trying to tie the edge by trying to crease the end zone in Kansas City and Marlin max here on the show. How are your Marlin? I'm doing fine. So what's the sense in your locker room right now house money, and you can't there's no there's no there's no sense of of anything except winning and in. And it's all good. We just been we've just been locked in. The phone is now says we wanna five by wall, Dan. So we. Police in eastern meet tweaking when they're doing were you hurt during that you were hurt though during that one in five stretch. Correct. Your. Yes. Yes. I was. So what was but I can't. What was it like during that stretch atonement? It was painful just not be able to help my saying, but I just had to be patient. Wait till time comes when I came back just go out there and saying that's like. And is there a moment though? When it kind of clicked for you in the rest of the team where you can point to it and say, that's where it all turned. That's when we realized we were somebody that can actually win football games and win them. Now. Bogaert? And then when the oak me, and I say that by week man, we talked about so you're saying that you can really do this. That's why he's. Unless attack and trying to go one to know how about the time when your coach Frank Reich went for the win instead of the tie against Houston. Even though you got the loss..

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