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This is wet notes here on scuba shock. Radio for friday may twenty one two thousand and twenty one first up. Today's news from the history of diving museum down in. I'll mirada florida about a month ago. On april twenty first to be precise. They opened up a new exhibit at the museum. This new exhibit is called diving in pop culture and it runs through december two thousand and twenty one the exhibit showcases. The underwater world portrayed in advertising entertainment and mainstream culture. The museum says that there is something for everyone. They have the regulator that was used in star wars. I think i read somewhere that a been an old decor that was used for darth vader's heavy breathing. They also have stuff from jaws men of honor and of course see hunt. Yes it's still alive. This is not a virtual So you'll have to get down to i'll miranda before december thirty first to catch diving in pop culture. Pick or it didn't happen. That's the tagline used by light. I'm sure to have my acolyte. Olympus t g six rig when i head down on a couple of days well i just saw that. They are running a contest for people to design their new pick or it didn't happen shirt. The design winner will get five hundred dollars worth who i like year. That's pretty nice. I hope you also get a teacher now. The contest opened on may first and runs until june sixth. So he's not a lot of time. The designs must be underwater photos or have underwater theme. And you must incorporate pick or it didn't happen into the design. No other words are allowed. You cannot use the ike light logo or any other copyrighted material the entry form on the lake blog so you have to search for light contest to find the link. I wasn't able to get to directly from their main websites. Who just do a little bit of searching there so fire up your creative juices and enter the pick or it didn't happen. T shirt design contest from michael. Light is reef. Well this is very interesting. Hope reef is an initiative that is being sponsored by shiba. The cat food brand hope reef is in sulawesi indonesia and they are planning to restore one hundred eighty five thousand square meters of reef spells out hope and apparently you can spot the letters on google earth. The purpose beyond restoration is to drive awareness and show how positive change can happen in our lifetime. Hope was unveiled on may fifth. Two thousand twenty one but it actually started two years ago is using something called restare technology that incorporates centimeter wide steel stars that the corals can attach to hope reef has its own youtube channel and you can check out the short one minute and thirty eight second video called the film that grows coral. It's called the film that grows coral because all advertising revenues from the film support the hope reef. Just go out there and search hope brief. Take a look diving with a purpose. That's exactly what a team of divers started last week. According to an associated press article. That i read this team of five to ten. Divers started a massive six month effort to clean up lake. Tahoe out in california. Their plan is to cover seventy two miles of shoreline and their goal is to conduct three dives each week to a depth of about twenty five feet. The team will be running this dive schedule from now through november. The operation is being sponsored by a nonprofit called. Clean up the lake. It was founded by a guy named colin west who is a diver and a filmmaker. The ultimate cost of this endeavor is two hundred and fifty thousand dollars on that i dive. They pulled two hundred pounds of trash from lake tahoe and tagged twenty larger items for subsequent removal. It's amazing that people still use our lakes rivers and oceans as garbage dumps. Good luck to this team for making a difference and diving with a purpose in case you missed it. Psi pci the gurus scoop scuba cylinder inspection. Recently posted a short article on died news wire. They needed to dispel a couple of rumors. Flying around out there about scuba tanks. One was about old luxury tanks. But that's not what i want to talk about here. Apparently there is a really bad rumor going around that beginning in two thousand and twenty one. Steel cylinders are exempt from ota cleaning requirements. What how did that one start. That is just unsafe and dangerous. Cg a or the compressed gas association states oh to cleaning is required for anything above twenty three point five percent over to please please please make sure you get your tanks properly serviced and cleaned for. Oh two as necessary thanked. Psi pci and finally. Here's some news from vermont. The remote business magazine recently reported there has been an appeal of the vermont agency of natural resources permit to sink the one hundred and fifty two foot ferry and the adirondack. as an artificial reef in lake champlain. The vermont national resource council via in the lake champlain committee. Lc has appealed to permit the vn rc's policy and water program director. John grove been. Doesn't think that this sinking is for the benefit of the people of vermont as it only serves a small group of divers. Laurie fisher the executive director of el-sisi stated that lake champlain is not a dumping ground. She feels the pcb's and other contaminates from the ferry will impact their drinking. Water she indicated that lake champlain. Already has one hundred racks and doesn't need the mvp honor adirondack on the bottom certainly an interesting perspective wondering how this will turn out.

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