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Change their electric vehicles at home work and on the go shell has insisted its planning for the day when demand for oil stumps to fade it ceo has promised to look at very aggressive scenarios to remain competitive in a world that gets more of its energy from renewable sources and less from crude oil newly released audio shows a maintenance worker at mandalay bay hotel and casino reported coming under fire on the 30second floor before gunman steven paddock began shooting at concert goers outside ap correspondent mike grassi reports the pressures on loss police to explain the response time internal audio communications from mandalay bay hotel and casino show maintenance workers stephen shock notified hotel dispatchers that shots had been fired donna 30second floor hallway prior to gunman steven paddocks barrage on the concert crowd bulow hope appointed government i got up your tone fired a rifle on the thirty fuck it four gama away the dispatcher asked where the shots were coming from i can tell you what room he looked like he fired i'm always door chuck also said he'd seen a security guard who turned out to be his those campus on wednesday lawyers for the family of page gaspar who was wounded in the shooting filed a lawsuit questioning the response i make rossio things got political issues days b e t hip hop awards ap music corresponded margins are a letter reports rapper eminem debuted of free style rab called the storm that bashes president trump it shows eminem in a parking garage unaccompanied by beat saying what he feels about president donald trump racism the only thing is fantastic four because that's how we get this barack soften his own eminem takes on trump for expensive trips his campaign against nfl anthem protest the military and lack of response on puerto rico and gun reform eminem says he's drawing a line in the sand phrase fans there either with him or with trump i marchi's our letter.

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