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One i've had people tell me they don't like how chris evans looks and i'm like y'all are wild like he is hot but i'm like i have never heard anyone say you know what chris hemsworth not. That great looking never never come out of anyone's mouth. No i'm right okay. Do you think he's attractive. I need you to answer the question now. I think he's not not attractive as a dude is beautiful anyways. Let's get to our last bit of news so then we can get into it. But there's gonna be a new netflix series called crime scene the vanishing at the peaceful sessile seasonal hotel. We we even pre watch this so i can figure out how to say it and i already forgot it. I google the pronunciation and it was wrong. So i think it sessile because you relent and it was a see-saw right arm. I poop in it. I wrote phonetically like sell see-saw hotel hoping that's what it is or owner really famous hotel. La that's supposed to be super haunted. But it's going into the depth of the murder or the mystery behind a lisa lamb. Who is the lady who went missing in the hotel died in the hotel..

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