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Is a w delivered on sunday night in a cultural way on a massive scale. They really hit a home run and then for those of us who are in it for the culture of all. We turn around on monday. And i actually sitting there with natalie's family doing pat up. Do the passover jas. No you don't say what you think about to say. I did not turn it on. We actually watched the us open. But i was sitting there checking my phone to see if you guys were tweet texting me to tell me that something important happened on raw that they got the message that it was time to strike back that message as they got dips message from earlier. Which is the concept said this and alluded to this. When he said that they're not our competition and everybody got upset because we didn't have the vision but they're not even trying to do that. And then even with vince saying you know we gave them talentless. Give them some more. It's a crazy statement. But then when you think about what. I said a couple of months ago reiterated that they're not even trying to do that. It's like how Like why would they you. I can't even. I can't even fathom another moment in. Wwe programming where. I would feel the way that i filled on saturday. No matter who is in the. Maybe if i was live for the rock and roman reigns and the place was going crazy. Would i have crazy for the becky lynch return. But but then right and it's still doesn't make you feel that way. Yeah do with it. I'm not talking about the mass. I'm talking about me personally as a thirty year wrestling fan. I can't even imagine well. Here's the problem. If the rock won was the media and it could still be a big fight. Feel summer slam big fight feel. I can't imagine feeling like because because even because right now as we as we've been programmed. Wwe even if they were going to give you the rock they would telegraph it in such a way where you wouldn't get to have that moment. No it would be. It would be all laid out for us. We'd all say here's where it's coming. Okay cool they w managed to show that even if spoilers are out there you can still swerve. Spoilers you you can. you can still made. No there was no spoiling. It asked all. That's what i've been saying to you. Know spoil his don't matter because they still got to execute it even if you know what's coming if they do poorly the spoiler wasn't going to do anything right back and if they do it well then the spoilers also don't matter now listen you can. You can argue. It's a little bit better without a spoiler but the bottom line is oh yeah we got as you get that real genuine surprise that adam cole thing and you know it's funny goldstein. Said in our in our chat. Which i i don't think you even bothered addressing. This dippers dean goldstein wrote the wcw booking at its best. And i was like dude. I don't care what booking it was the shihaz at the end. Like i didn't know really cared about like whether or not lucia soroush was getting beaten down the right way by carl anderson. Okay that that's really irrelevant. To be honest. The bottom line was adam. Cole shows up joins the elite. You all that sick. Of course he joined up with his boys. The elite now i wonder if boom and it hits you it. It's all you wanted. It just gave it all talking about it the way i felt literally asked adam colds. Music hit and my body just like went. Oh my god. It was amazing. I haven't had that feeling years years. Okay i get emotional. When i'm at wrestlemainia and the big entrances or whatever and i get like my heart starts to pound that fuzzy warm feeling but it was a different feeling man difficult. It hit different. I'm literally like oh. My god like they did it. They did something back the best day got. We all got something. Oh come on man. And i turn on raw and i have nikki cross. Indicate with rear ripley. The two of them have less chemistry than than. I don't even know. I you know to people with that. Terrible chemistry the worst over onto meena and natty. What is this guy. So what is this saying swats to that. So i okay please. This is gonna sound so disrespectful. But this is how i feel. Y'all know are coming here on cheap and shaimaa truth regardless how people feel we know respect to the family respect to the hart family loved them. Both i'm over to meena anaya to anatomy as send them to the batting. Let them contribute in other ways. Free those titles. It doesn't mean that it should go to. Your point is the grass green. it doesn't chagall to rea- and and they can agree with you on that. Too that's haphazard. Rectory is not but i will say this the hold on my point is that raw and smackdown. They are of me nuggets of excitement. That bobby lashley and there are moment now. We got it. I wanna see that in a full-blown matt and then the illusion to demon ballot. Coming back on smackdown you know with demon ballot coming back. I think that's that's huge. Especially if he comes back to face. Roman reigns for the universal championship. So it's not that they're not doing anything 'cause even with the storyteller conversation. Yeah we have to sort of set smack down the side because smackdown is doing great things in terms of telling stories even with the fumbled. Bob bianca becky lynn. Women's championship story. Smackdown is giving us something. They're carrying the weight for the full. Wwe almost it feels like they'd give us something. Okay fin ballard doing the demon. Gimmick is something that i love. Did i have to see it on a random meaningless match on smackdown on not on a big stage. They couldn't have built they couldn't have tried a storyline where he builds up to being the demon again. Give me some. This is what they're doing this out of the demon already hold on this. He blew. Say it's is say we can't say that. Wwe is china anything and then they they do this the weekend of all out. There's a reason they threw on a universal championship match between roman reigns. And they say there's no story you have spoiler alert. Roman reigns wins. Okay there is no story between and roman reigns. he's older execute dude. You're out of your mind. A w anything could have happened in that event or or anything could happen in any storyline. Right now you have. Wwe completely predictable in every way shape and form. They're not giving any. They're not giving the fans what they want as you. I will say this. I feel that you're giving them a little bit of participation trophy. You're like look. They did something. You're giving up. Participation of daniel bryan punk and item call wasn't guaranteed number. Hold on that wasn't guaranteed right. We speculated and i'll speculations turned out to be true but daniel bryan adam cole. Showing up wasn't guaranteed the the wwe. New adam cole was gonna be there when he was gone. They knew you know. I don't think. I don't think saying this is what we're gonna do. Are you that naive to think that. W w e didn't know adam cole was doing all out. They knew wall. But no but they. I agree with dip. They did know they..

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